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Finding A Voice In Sharing- The Importance of Speaking Up

It can be said that abuse survivors often find their voice in speaking up. Some may speak up right away, others don't speak up for years after. For me, I didn't speak up until a few years ago. The abuse started when I was a child and carried on into adulthood. I am not sure why I didn't speak up sooner, I think maybe it's because I didn't know I was being abused. Now, after being out of the situation and working towards processing the trauma and my experiences I can say that speaking up has been one of the best things I could have done. It gave me a voice to my story and it gives me the motivation to keep healing. I am not saying that speaking up is for everyone, only that it has helped me. If you don't want to go to the authorities then tell a trusted friend or family member if you can. Telling anyone lifts the burden off your shoulders and you no longer have to carry the secret of the abuse with you. Guilt and shame are not yours to carry around. It took me a long time to reach a point where I can put the blame on my abusers. My hope is that I can be a voice for others and show them that they are in charge of their lives. You can live a happy and fulfilling life despite what was done to you. The trauma was not your responsibility but now you must take charge of your own healing. *Disclaimer: If you are in a physically unsafe situation then please seek help. No one deserves to be abused, ever.* Use your voice for your healing, even just writing it out can be liberating. I use writing all the time and it has helped tremendously. Whatever works for you, do it. Give a voice to your pain and allow yourself the grace to heal. There is no shame in speaking up. But only do so if you are safe. Stay thankful and blessed my friends:)

#PTSD #EmotionalAbuse #SexualAbuse #Healing #thankful #Blessed #Inspiration #Voice #Hope

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¡ "10 Million Voice's... That's All I Hear Daily At My Job... !"... #Thought 's #Voice 's

¿" To Be Fully Honest With All Of You... My Job Take's Alot Out Of Me Physically And Mostly Mental.. I Have Maybe 10 Co-worker's I Have To Deal With And 2 Bosse's.. And Not To Mention The Customer's... People On Here On The Mighty Think That I'm Being A Bit Much... But I'm Honsetly Not... People Just Need To Not Be So Up Tight About Everything.. Especially The Management... If They Are This Paranoid About Every Little Thing That Someone Doe's Diffrent.. Then They Are The Issue Not Me.. I Have Been Very Nice And Kind And Helpful.. I Deal With Alot.. It's Just Now I Feel Like I Work Less... And Then They Get Mad When Someone Is Not Constantly Doing Something Every Minute.. Tbh There Isn't Much To Do At A Restaurant Especially When There Are No Customer's... At A Time Rate... We Can't Stand Around But Then Again People In The Back Do It All The Time... I'm A Punching Scape Goat To These People All The Time... But I Alway's Find Something To Do.. Because I Really Can't Deal Being Yelled At All The Time... It's A Huge Trigger.. I Can NEVER Make People Happy Anywhere... Yes I Might Be Complaining Too Much.. But It's Just Bottled Up Trauma.. From People.. Especially Coming Face To Face With My Abuser.. Since I Have Been Here.. And That's Hard Enough To Deal With... I Can't Sleep My Brain Is Alway's Negative On How I'm Goung To Lose My Job And My Apartment All The Time.. It's Draining... I Sometime's Have Postive Day's... Tonight's Just Not The Night... Idk Why People Have Turned Into Complaining About Everything At Work... It's Like They Are Misrable.. Atleast At My Old Store I Alway's Had Fun Day's... And My Customer's Loved Me... " ? #Thought 's #can 't Sleep ☆▪︎▪︎☆ SKADI KVITRAVN☆▪︎▪︎☆

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#crutches #embrace #Selfacceptance #coffee #ChronicFatigue

I make no apologies for my crutches I use to help my #ChronicPain , #Depression & #Fatigue . in fact I embrace them & am very grateful for them. #Caffeine #cigarettes #vitaminb-12 (I'd smoke #MedicalMarijuana ( was approved. over a year ago in April & even have a card ) but #THC messes with my #Schizophrenia & I get tense , intense, #stressed & #anxious , & sometimes even slightly #Paranoid . So I suffer taking meds for #Pain that are actually psyche #meds that hardly make a dent. (#Gabapentin ) #my Life #sucks so the ppl that #criticize & put me #down for smoking cigs can go to heck for voicing their #ignorant #Judgemental #opinions . which they so freely #Voice regarding my smoking & high #Caffeine intake. I am not afraid of #Death & in fact , welcome & #Pray for it, have felt this way all my life. Ppl need to face their own #Demons , faults & weaknesses instead of constantly distracting themselves by getting into other ppls business. I #ignore them . I am #Deaf to their assinine stayements. I #mentally float away & I do what #helps my #Nerves (I inherited bad nerves (#physical AND #emotional ) & that helps me cope with a #Life I #live as a #Prisoner doing time. It's just a waiting #Game , Just A matter of #time .

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#Invisable #alone #lonely #isolated

Do #I remember the “old” #ME ? The #longevity and #prognosis of my many #illnesses makes me feel #hopeless . #Reality ... I’m #alone , #lonely , #isolated , and #haunted by wonderful memories of the “old” me. My #American #Dream #Shattered ... My life is a runaway train without direction. 😓 Where is #help , when help is needed? Not sure how to obtain a #Voice ...

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#MentalHealth #Voice #youarenotalone

This is the biggest source of a lot of my arguments. Many people don't understand that I'm not angry, I'm upset and just trying to explain my feelings and the thoughts that are going through my head because sometimes, it's not me controlling my voice, it's my anxiety.