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God Sings Over You

God will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. Zephaniah 3:17

Did you know that God sings? Did you know that He sings over you? Yes! No matter what you are going through yesterday, today, and tomorrow God is singing over you.

The Bible doesn’t tell us exactly what God sings over us, just that He does. If I were to guess what He is singing over me right now, it would be for me to be at peace. He is singing a lullaby that calms my anxiety and lifts my mood.

What is God singing over you today?

#mentalhealthmatters #Anxiety #god #Jesus #Singing

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Out of the mouths of babes #Children #MakeMeLaugh #laughter #Singing

When my daughter was 2 (she still drank a bottle at bedtime) I would put her in her bed and sing to her. One night she pulled the bottle out of her mouth (suction noise) and looked me in the face and said "If you STOP singing I'll go to sleep" 😂 #Memories

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Repetitive HUMMING while watching movies and TV?

Whenever I am watching TV or movies, anything except comedy, I continually hum, and have done so all my life. Sometimes I hum an actual tune, but in the vast majority of the time, I hum  just 2 or 3 random notes, which I will repeat for really long periods of time. Sometimes it is in unison with a main note in the background music, or a harmony,  but most times the notes have nothing to do with the music soundtrack. As you can imagine, it distracts and irritates other people to varying degrees. My solution, since I haven't been able to stop it, is just to watch alone. If you still don't understand what I am talking about, imagine sitting next to someone humming the cello notes to the theme from JAWS while you are trying to concentrate on an episode of The Gilmore Girls, or Dateline, or Law & Order.  I've done this my whole life, and it soothes me while at the same time it embarrasses me because I can't stop without starting up again a couple of minutes later, usually unbeknownst to me. I'm not actually looking for a cure for this. I just want to know if I am the only one, and does anybody know why I might do it, or where it comes from? Thanks for your time. Peace.♧

#Humming #ADHD #CPTSD #DistractMe #Anxiety #hums #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Autism #Aspergers #PervasiveDevelopmentalDisorders #ASD #AutismSpectrumDisorders #Stimming #stim #BodyFocusedRepetitiveBehaviors #BFRBAwarenessWeek #ADHD #CombinedPresentationADHD #noise #Music #Selfsoothing #Soothing #Calming #Depression #neurodiverse #neurodivergent #distraction #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #obsess #obssess #Singing #ThroatSinging #noise #Movies #TV #Drama #Fidgety #restless    #DisruptiveImpulseControlAndConductDisorders #impulsive #compulsion #Habit #habitual #Misophonia #

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What makes you #happy ?

It's hard to find happiness at times, especially when you have a #ChronicIllness or any illness/disorder for that matter!
But I'd like you hear from you what make YOU happy? What never fails to lift your spirits, even if it's just a tiny bit

I love to sing. And singing fills me with joy. It's a great form of expression for me and hold lots of emotion. #Singing for 5 minutes a day can often lift my mood.


#COVID19 ruined 3 years of speech & swallowing therapy!!!

I’m having #Anxiety due to #COVID -19 and being high risk. Living with #PostPolioSyndrome #GuillainBarreSyndrome . #ThyroidCancer
Thyroid surgery has ruined my life. If I knew what the results would be, I would rather be dead. It #Paralyzed my vocal chord which left an opening to my airways causing #AspirationPneumonia with #Sepsis . By the time I was taken to the ER my temp was 103.7F. Blood Pressure was 100/50. I had stopped breathing. I was logged in as ‘Acute Respitory Failure’. My organs were shutting down. And I was admitted to ICU for few weeks. Then spent a year of #PhysicalTherapy to learn how to do simple things like walking or turning pages.
Then came years of nothing but hell. All the progress I made was mostly washed away.
Ironically, I totally lost my voice and my career is in #Music #songwriting and #Singing . But that’s no longer possible.


And the ENT doctor said he can do a permanent repair (surgery) and my voice would be sort of normal. I’ve had too many surgeries already.

If have #Surgery I’m scared to death. I will have more complications. I get #PTSD just thinking of anything with the name #Surgery of # Procedure.

I can’t go through more surgeries. I’d rather be dead than to keep suffering and wasting my life seeing doctors and being in hospital. For what?

My one problem is the effect it will have on my wife, my family, & three I’m not thinking of suicide. I’m just thinking of stopping all the BS. What will be wi



I actually listened to the radio in my car to and from therapy. I sung along with the music.
This was the first time since Labor day.
I'm smiling now thinking about it. #musicsoothesthesoul #Depression #BPD #Anxiety