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Ongoing ableist harassment from competing content creators #Ableism #Harassment #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #SuicidalIdeation

At one point my podcast was the highest rated for my niche. My former cohosts have turned most of my following against me in retaliation for defending myself against their ableism. My story can be found here: youtu.be/eBBQB500mKE

I'm Not Okay: Ongoing Ableist Harassment

I'm Not Okay: Ongoing Ableist Harassment(Captions to be added ASAP!)Description: In this first episode of Cyborg DisCo, I share my ongoing experience dealing...

Unhealthy Workspace

I had only one thing that made me busy through the day. My job. And now probably I'm going to lose it. It began few months ago. My manager started verbally abusing me through call where everyone was present. At first I tolerated, then I was irritated and atlast today I reacted. He was constantly doing it, bullying me, harassing me and pushing me to the edge where I just couldn't help myself but react.

Now it is done. I can't take it back. I know they are gonna release me from my project cause he has upper hand. I complained to his manager. But I have doubt how much that gonna work. They are gonna believe him only and take his side.

I don't know what I did was right or wrong.

But I just could not take the abuse anymore.

I think I have lost the last thing I had that kept me going.

#Harassment #Pledge2EndBullying

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When men make you feel unsafe

This is to the men who think it is okay to try to pick up women on this platform.

This is not a dating site. This is not the place for you to pop up in my inbox with a "hello" in the hopes that I will entertain some kind of conversation with you. What are you hoping will happen?

I would be more inclined to think this an actual conversation popping up if I had a random man or woman who is part of one of my communities messaging me with real concerns, or reaching out to discuss a common illness and find support.

This is a safe community of people who struggle with very real illnesses and disabilities. A space where people come when they are vulnerable or want to share their thoughts, maybe foster some positivity. I come here to find support and a safe space where I know others understand what I am going through.

Shame on you for your revolting lack of manners and empathy. If you want to pick up women who are clearly in your class - go visit your local dive bar or sign up for a cheap dating site. But don't, DON'T, feel that it is okay to step into my safe space and try to hit me up.

#SafeSpace #OpenLetter #Harassment


Soap opera life

Sometimes it feels like my life is a soap opera.

I now have a harasser/ stalker. I haven’t felt safe where I live but don’t really have anywhere else to go until tomorrow, which would then mean being in the same house as my ex boyfriend and that’ll just have a whole other impact on my mental health.

I’m hoping I am actually safe here though as my neighbours and flatmates know what the person looks like, as well as the buildings security. Been clear so far as far as I know.

In great news (understatement), my blood test results came back normal!! On the lower end of the normal range but it’s normal and that’s all that matters.

I’m still bruising and losing weight though, so I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday. I’m now below 7 stone, and I don’t remember the last time I was. Also losing hair.

ENT appointment on Monday and I’m impatiently waiting. I just want to know what kind of course of action they want to do. And also to confront them about why they never told me about the cholesteatoma.

Chronic pain has been bad unfortunately. I actually had to take painkillers. It’s a lot of sudden sharp pains and it seems to be pretty constant. It is what it is though.

#ChronicPain #ent #Stalker #Harassment #bloodtest #WeightLoss #HearingLoss #HairLoss


Beware of harassment here! But lots of good people I am sure

Hello ☀️

It's been a while since I've previously posted....

I've encountered #Harassment from the members of one of the communities here.


Places like this should be naturally safe!


I believe lots of good non harassing are around here

So probably will post once in a while
Though the UI of the website is uncomfortable

Stay safe
And avoid harassment!

Thanks to all supportive people here ❤️


Patience and Perseverance paid off

After over a year of dealing with harassment at work and then finally coming forward with the support, it is finally done. 3 weeks ago I went to HR finally on harassment by a co worker, at end of last week I was notified they were no longer working for the company. Such a huge sigh of relief knowing I was believed and that I could hopefully start moving on at work. Still work to do as this person had a dealing with me and now trying to find replacement for work and management, but myself and the other women can now move forward with our jobs.

#Work #Harassment #Anxiety #PTSD #MeToo #fightlikeagirl