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    Soap opera life

    Sometimes it feels like my life is a soap opera.

    I now have a harasser/ stalker. I haven’t felt safe where I live but don’t really have anywhere else to go until tomorrow, which would then mean being in the same house as my ex boyfriend and that’ll just have a whole other impact on my mental health.

    I’m hoping I am actually safe here though as my neighbours and flatmates know what the person looks like, as well as the buildings security. Been clear so far as far as I know.

    In great news (understatement), my blood test results came back normal!! On the lower end of the normal range but it’s normal and that’s all that matters.

    I’m still bruising and losing weight though, so I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday. I’m now below 7 stone, and I don’t remember the last time I was. Also losing hair.

    ENT appointment on Monday and I’m impatiently waiting. I just want to know what kind of course of action they want to do. And also to confront them about why they never told me about the cholesteatoma.

    Chronic pain has been bad unfortunately. I actually had to take painkillers. It’s a lot of sudden sharp pains and it seems to be pretty constant. It is what it is though.

    #ChronicPain #ent #Stalker #Harassment #bloodtest #WeightLoss #HearingLoss #HairLoss

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    Community Voices

    Another Throwback

    <p>Another Throwback</p>
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    I feel so lost… 😔

    <p>I feel so lost… 😔</p>
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    Community Voices
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    Damn alopecia!

    <p>Damn alopecia!</p>
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    You're shedding like a cat leaving a path of hair strands in your bed, car, and on the couch. A little hair is okay, but it appears more like leaving bread crumbs to solve a mystery.

    Scratching the scalp from the build-up of dirt, sebum, and hair products can increase thinning and hair loss.

    Before thinking about calling it a day, buying some clippers, and shaving your head, let's figure out why you feel you're shedding like a cat and how to fix it.

    Learn more about alternative treatments and home remedies to prevent and treat hair loss and promote scalp health.

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