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COVID-19 vaccine and autoimmune

I am a #healthcareworker and was notified this week by my job that we could be able to receive a #covid-19 #Vaccine as soon as next week. While I fully recognize the importance of a vaccine (and am not willing to debate that), I’m trying to decide what this means as someone with #HashimotosThyroiditis and #Fibromyaliga . I do get the flu shot every year, as I trust the data behind it to make the benefits outweigh the few days of worsened pain I usually get after receiving it. But with how new this vaccine is, I’m nervous as to what effects it could have on my symptoms. I will eventually get it, I’m just stuck on deciding if sooner is better, or if I should wait a bit to get more research behind it and know more of what to expect. Anyone else found reliable information to help weigh this decision? Or anyone else facing this choice themselves?

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Mental health as a healthcare worker

I posted this earlier in the pandemic but still rings true.

I am a Healthcare worker- an Occupational Therapist. I work to help people regain function in their everyday tasks. Help them live their life to their fullest. I love what I do and absolutely love helping people. But in these uncertain times, I'm torn.

Everyday I wake up, go to work and go through the process to get into our building which has changed exponentially... at one point last week was changing daily. I work closely with the elderly, who now have no contact with visitors and soon will be quarantined to their rooms. Some don't even know how to use their phone or have the ability to talk with their loved ones. All of us who work there are the only ones to bring them a smile.

I love spending time with them. Seeing their progress and helping them regain what they have lost. But just as each of us may be worried about what's going on around us, they are even more so. They trust us and pray that we will keep them safe. We sanitize and wash our hands and everything we touch a million more times than before to do all we can to fight what could be.

Everyday we are leaving the girls only to come home, strip down as soon as we walk in the door and wash again! Alex is still working too which means we will barely see each other as care for our girls has decreased... which we do understand. It's tough knowing so many people have gained unlimited time with their families until this is over... while we long for it.

It's taking a toll. But, we are grateful!! Grateful for the ability to have an essential job, to help care for others in this world in different ways during this time. Grateful to be able to help others as needed if the time arises.

Tons of emotions come with this time in our lives and it's only human to be torn! So if you are in the same position, whether a healthcare worker or any other essential position right now, know you are understood and loved. I'm thinking about you and praying for you, your family, your emotions and your overall health. ♡
#Emotions #torn #grateful #therapist #occupationaltherapy #rehabilitation #otr #occupationaltherapist #ot #therapy #healthcare #restore #loved #prayer #healthcareworker #Empathy #MentalHealth #overwhelmed

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Always regret telling my coworkers about my chronic illness

Prime example this week. I called in sick on monday because I was awake for 34ish hours (due to insomnia). Not sleeping also triggers my other conditions like migraines and RA flare ups.
Anyway, this is a prime example of why I always regret telling my coworkers (or anyone) about my insomnia at work. Its so damn frustraing to get responses like these from people when the know i have chronic illnesses

Me: sorry i didnt come in. I was awake for about 34 hours and didnt think it was safe to work.
Coworker: have you tried warm milk with garlic? Works for me every time.
Coworker 2: Lush has this lotion that helps me sleep. It smells so good


#Insomnia #RheumatoidArthritis #frustrations #Migraines #Anxiety #ignorance #ignoranceisnotinnocence #CheckInWithMe #ButYouDontLookSick #Cantgetoutofbed #Cantalwaysplayalong #fakesmile #fakeittillyoumakeit #healthcareworker


#COVID19 #healthcareworker #Anxiety

Hello, I’m new to this site , I work as a healthcare aide (nursing assistant) , I am in the front lines of this craziness that we are all facing. I ,myself am terrified. Due for the lack of proper ppe makes coming to work scary, not to mention where I work. I work with people who came off the streets, battling drug addiction and varies mental health problems. So being a person who came from those same living conditions I could empathize with these people who need help getting back to a normal life, but because they have been so severely abused through life and are battling varies mental conditions they do not fathom the severity of this virus and how going out and about is dangerous. They come and go as they please and go do god knows what and bring it back here risking the health of everyone around them. I am scared, and my anxiety is getting the best of me, I just wanna curl up in my bed and hid away. I can’t though I have 3 kids that need to be taken care of, my work relays on me and my bf was laid off due to this pandemic. So the weight of all this is laying upon me, me who has no one to turn too. Please reach out to those working in healthcare, we aren’t okay! We stay at work so please stay home for us, but don’t forget we are people too. We need to be checked up on too, I know I do.

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So much anxiety #Anxiety #COVID19 #healthcareworker

I am a housekeeper in the ER of a medium sized hospital in a suburb of a major city. I never realized that I might have claustrophobia until I began having to wear masks to protect myself against COVID-19. We are starting to see a significant increase of possibly infected patients now.

Wearing the mask protects me, and more importantly, my elderly parents whom I help care for. However, I have constant anxiety attacks as soon as the mask goes on. I spend my entire shift with severe chest pain and hyperventilating. My O2 sats are 98-99%, so I -am- actually getting enough oxygen, but my brain insists that I’m in danger. I don’t know how to stop it. I’ve tried rationalization, mindful breathing, DBT skills - but the flight or fight response stays engaged.

The duckbill mask (pictured) was easier for me to wear, but I have no control over the type that my boss gives me. Supplies are limited, so we get what we get, and we have to be happy with that. The other option is none at all, and that ISN’T an option.

It’s so hard to be a housekeeper in this crisis. I’m exposed to bad bugs often through lack of communication, and my immune system is robust as a result. I just doubt that my immunity extends to a brand new virus. I clean every surface as if it has the virus on it, because I don’t want any patient or nurse/physician getting sick by me doing an inadequate job cleaning the rooms. It’s a lot of pressure, but it has to be done. Housekeeping is the first line of defense against the spread of disease within the hospital.


Never ever have I been so tired.

I am utterly exhausted. I have never in my life been so tired. There is no end to the conversation about Covid 19. I get information and updates all day at work, I spend most of my time with clients educating, answering questions, and help them manage their anxiety about Covid 19. My coworkers and I discuss the high risk environment that we work in all day. I come home and try and manage 2 teenagers who don’t get the seriousness of self isolation. I am so done.
#Bipolar2Disorder #healthcareworker #Anxiety #COVID19