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How does your family support you being immunocompromised during COVID-19?

For past several months, my husband has questioned whether I was really “high risk” and if I was being too cautious by not going out in the public during lockdown. I was hospitalized 9 months ago for CA-MRSA related to biologics use so he should get it. My doctors agree I am high risk and should take the precautions, so why does he keep challenging me on this? Now, my family is pushing me to go on vacation out of state.

#COVID19 #RheumatoidArthritis #sjogrens #highriskcovid19

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#petrified when night arrives.

In the day I actually broadcast a singalong. And I have FUN and contact on FB. youtu.be/49y9EIl30Ws
Black humour kicks in.
At night when I have to get connected to my #Ventilator or when my damaged brain forgets to breathe, I just die! Simples! But what does this mean for my chances? #Reality of brain damage from #brainsurgeries . And #meningitises . And #ChiariMalformation with #CerebrospinalFluidLeaks ...
But my GP hasnt places me on the #highriskcovid19 list. Is it that I wouldn’t make it?


Hollywood Actors (at High Risk) Do PSA on the Coronavirus

I did this PSA because if people don't care about social distancing, because they are not high risk, care because you could pass it on to someone like me - who is.


#WeAreAllInThisTogether #Slowthespread #highriskcovid19 #SocialDistancing #CoronaVirus #corona #covid_19 #covıd19 #flattenthecurve #flatteningthecurve #sammihaney #RaisingDion


I'm Still Me

Amid the chaos and despair this country and the world has slowly cycled downward into. I have discovered a key element in my being.
I am Charity.
I have severe asthma and some other chronic issues that keep me from working. So in this time I know I am high risk and should not be out. I cannot let my friends, family and others sit by uncared for though.
My friend was exposed, he lives with his mother who is high risk. He is very worried about her.
I have some cloth masks that my Aunt made, and I am going to take one to her to modify to hold an activated charcoal insert. She and her son will at least be able to breathe in the same room.
I am afraid. It's not easy. But there are too many without to be selfish now.
#fightingthefear #determined #Asthma #highriskcovid19 #Kindness #compassionate


#highriskcovid19 #COVID19

I am immunocomprised. I suffer from many chronic conditions including,: asthma, autoimmine utacaria, POTS, autonomic neuropathy to name a few. I can't drive or work due to my illnesses. Covid19 is scary to me. People here in Virginia seem to do what they please and don't care. Everyone is complaining about staying home..however I stay home everyday and occasionally go out. Yes, staying in will drive you crazy. The news and social media will factor in to you going crazy. I can't help to look at the news. I honestly feel people don't have any idea how bad this virus is. Italy and China are best examples. We are really heading in that direction. So please be considerate and stay home. The more effort everyone puts in to staying home now the less time we will have to do this later. My prayers are with individuals who are essential to working. Stay safe and stay home unless you need to absolutely go out. Anyone feel the same way?