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Lyme Disease Awareness in the COVID-19 era #

Due to the current COVID crisis, we are doing things a little differently this year. Our founder Melissa Ferwerda Bell shares her experience of how COVID-19 has impacted her as a Lyme patient.

We are asking our followers to post a #FaceMaskSelfie and share information such as:

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted you personally as a patient with Lyme?

How are Lyme disease and COVID-19 similar?

How are Lyme disease and COVID-19 different?

Have shelter in place requirements impacted your medical care for Lyme disease and tick-borne co-infections?

We will be posting graphics created by Jenny Lynn illustrating similarities, differences, and discussion points throughout the month, along with the latest news on Lyme and coronavirus.

Jenny Lelwica Buttaccio will continue to help behind the scenes and with our Instagram. If you have not done so already, be sure to follow us there! www.instagram.com/lymediseasechallenge/%3Cbr%20data-text=Please" originalText="https://www.instagram.com/lymediseasechallenge/

Please"> help spread Lyme awareness by participating, engaging and sharing posts!

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FDA: Serological Tests Not Sufficient To Diagnose COVID-19

Directly from the FDA today (4/21/2020) "Health care providers should be aware of the limitations of serological tests intended to detect antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 and the risks to patients and the community if the test results are used as the sole basis to diagnose COVID-19.

The FDA is not aware of an antibody test that has been validated for diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection. While the FDA remains open to receiving submissions for these tests for such uses, based on the underlying scientific principles of antibody tests, the FDA does not expect that an antibody test can be shown to definitively diagnose or exclude SARS-CoV-2 infection."

#FDA #COVID19 #Fibromyalgia #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether #flattenthecurve #stayathome #ComplexUnspecifiedNeuromuscularDisease #quarantine #WritingThroughIt


Welp... The World Has Officially Gone To Sh*t

Today's miracle "cure" is brought to you by the Letter D. D, for Dumba*s!

People are literally taking baths in cow crap thinking it's a cure for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. I have no words. Just absolutely no words. Then again, I mean the white house has been having us do the same with every press conference so tomato, tomahto?

Video/Article Linked below:

#COVID19 #pandemic2020 #funny #Awareness #MentalHealth #Weird #Pseudoscience #badscience #YouDidWhat #flattenthecurve #HealthCare #WhoDoesThis #smh


Lockdown #COVID19 #flattenthecurve #stayhome

Hey everyone. I’m wanting to check in with everyone during this time. I’m finding life even more challenging than normal. It isn’t the isolation that is getting to me. It is more of the fact that I am unable to make a living. I still have my job, which I am grateful for, however, I am not being scheduled for any shifts. Also, when any are open/available, I do not feel safe to offer to pick up said openings. I work at a hospital. I do not have a mask in which to use for the time which I would be working; so I feel it would be an unnecessary gamble to take. However, I am finding that my dog (SDiT) is also expressing challenges during this lockdown. I am not able to adequately exercise her. Therefore it is impossible to train her correctly. I’m trying to find a treadmill, however, that means I am needing money, which, like I said, absolutely none is coming in.
I know I am not the only one in this situation. It is simply gut wrenching to be here- over a year of work has been put in, now watching all the time and effort put in and watching it regress. Depression and exhaustion is creeping in.
How is everyone finding new ways to hang in there?


Hollywood Actors (at High Risk) Do PSA on the Coronavirus

I did this PSA because if people don't care about social distancing, because they are not high risk, care because you could pass it on to someone like me - who is.


#WeAreAllInThisTogether #Slowthespread #highriskcovid19 #SocialDistancing #CoronaVirus #corona #covid_19 #covıd19 #flattenthecurve #flatteningthecurve #sammihaney #RaisingDion


Two days in... #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth

Got home from college two days ago and since then I've been social distancing the whole time, only going out of the house for walks. As a physically-healthy 22-year-old male, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to #flattenthecurve and do my part to stop COVID-19 from spreading, but as a senior in college whose year is all but over (except for online classes), this is devastating. Just two weeks ago I was planning for a great last two months, but now commencement is probably not happening at the scheduled time, my time as an active member of two student orgs on campus is all but over, and while I get to continue my internship remotely, it's not the same. I'm not complaining about taking these measures, they're 100% necessary, but I'm just depressed about having everything I love upended. One can only say "this is better than the alternative" so many times.

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