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Undiagnosed (C)PTSD

How is this possible??!! I watched Peter Cottontail and when the farmer chases the bunny my chest tightens, I can't breath, the panic grasps me and I begin to cry hysterically. Yet I can't get a Mental Health professional to diagnose me with PTSD let alone C-PTSD. It is the very organization of Mental Health that is driving me to a mental breakdown and insanity. When is it ok for the 'professionals' to become our abusers, tormentors and creators of immense trauma? Am I the only one that feels this is wrong on every level!!?? How is it that it is the very Mental Health system is 'allowed' to do this to innocent victims just looking for help to ease their pains? #CPTSD #MentalHealth #Undiagnosed #insanity #despondant #Trauma #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #DomesticAbuse #ChildAbuse #ChildhoodAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #SexualAbuseSurvivors #I may look alive #Broken

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#nervousbreakdown #DelusionalDisorder #untreated #Fear #Paranoia

Anyone here have a real nervous breakdown? I had one at age 19. They run in my family. #heredity #Psychosis #psychotic #insane #insanity
I have said that "once you go thru that door (of having had a N.B.,), you never quite come out.
Here's a #Song the #Lyrics describe what I mean & a little of what it was like.
"Came Back Haunted" by NIN

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drinking water and exercising almost ended my life in 2 days

#insanity #water
I noticed I was getting fat so I bought the insanity workout dvd hey exercise I good for you right? And I was drinking lots of water too to hydrate myself. I was eating normally too.
After 2 days of drinking water and exercising for 15 mins that’s all I could manage I came home from work and felt absolutely miserable I did not want to live anymore
I can’t give details of how I was ending my life but it was 50/50 decision time. I have to be responsible to those reading this
I was so close to ending my life right there and then so what the fuck just happened??????
The way I see it this. Exercising and sweating and drinking excess water was flushing antidepressants out of my body fat too quickly and as you know you never stop taking anti depressants. But I was still taking them but the exercise and water was flushing it back out.
Something to be very aware of.