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Seeking suggestions

Greetings friends,

We are having a hard time with taking our medications. We skip doses and get very sick in many ways. We use a weekly pill try with AM and PM sides. We have tried setting an alarm on our phone, it would just be ignored.

Now we have agreed to be accountable to our best friend for taking our meds. We are going to text him after we take them twice a day. Today we didn't get our morning meds until almost 4 in the afternoon. Just now.

What do you guys do to help you take your meds? Any hints or tricks or thoughts I can tell us inside? WE have been unstable for months because of not taking meds properly or at all.

#DID #Bipolar #Depression #Anxiety #psychotic


My family, mainly my mum and sister are trying to make me believe that I'm mentally ill. What do I do?

There's nothing wrong with my mental health and there never has been. Ignore my previous posts, it's what they want me to believe... My doctor claims that I have a "#psychotic disorder" but I don't, I'm completely healthy and I'm forced to take meds. I'm trapped, I feel like screaming.


I'm conflicted, please #help me out with this? #personality #Disorder or #psychotic #illness

So, recently I had an appointment with my new doctor who got rid of the potential diagnosis of #BPD on my file and said that it was more likely to be a #psychotic illness... BUT could he be wrong? My mum reckons that he's more experienced than the doctors I had before as he had to come out of retirement due to shortages and cuts. I would appreciate it if someone with with either of these diagnoses could message me x


SCREW the damn it doll. The other (shoe) fell, but it was a boot filled with cement.

Several posts ago aprox. Jan. I posted about my grandson bolting out of a van, going across a major street. He tried to get into someone's home then proceeded to pull down all their Christmas lights. Ran into the back yard hitting the sliding glass door with a large stick. On the other side of that door sat a 98 year old grandmother. The police were called and he was Baker acted obviously and then brought back to the facility where he lives. When things like this occur big or small the facility where he lives always pays for all the damages and then some. The person who lives in the home DID NOT press charges. Today I received a call from the APD woman and my grandson's BA. Apparently (the state) is charging my grandson with trespassing and reckless endangerment. The APD was the one who was served it gives no other info. except that they are to appear in court. That's when we will find out who the state's attorney is and possibly find out who the state is representing.
Obviously somebody called the state and reported it. Possibly a relative or a neighbor she spoke with. Even though she didn't want to press charges someone else did!? WTF
I never knew that could be done. Now they have to hire an attorney for him.
Has anybody ever heard of this before? I'm still in a state of shock that somebody else could do this.

# Autism
#rapid cycling bipolar
#Hearing impaired
#mentally challenged
#psychotic behaviors
#self -mutilating


What shall i do? ( sorry for my english) #Flighting #PanicAttacks #dpdr #Trauma #psychotic symptoms #Decision

I am flighting since almost 20 years. From my pain, my feelings, people. From myself.
I have survived a Trauma when i was six years old. I have been in clinics since over 10 years. Now, it is only possible to go there for stabilization for 6-8 weeks.
I have somebody from psychiatric care Who comes three times a week and another Person Who visits me for helping me one time a week
I always want to flight. From here to there and back. My past is a huge Horror and i dont want to live like this anymore, it is so stressful, i dont make decisions and let other work for me. I have Problems with playing moneygames and i am insolvent. My parents are in sorrow and i Play the game further and further.
This is so dick and i am ashamed as hell.
Tomorrow i have the possibility to talk to someone in a Trauma specialized clinic but i am afraid about the fact it is a Trauma clinic and that i am not stable enough to work on that.
I really dont know what to do. Please Help me.

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#nervousbreakdown #DelusionalDisorder #untreated #Fear #Paranoia

Anyone here have a real nervous breakdown? I had one at age 19. They run in my family. #heredity #Psychosis #psychotic #insane #insanity
I have said that "once you go thru that door (of having had a N.B.,), you never quite come out.
Here's a #Song the #Lyrics describe what I mean & a little of what it was like.
"Came Back Haunted" by NIN


Lost and Not Found #BipolarDiorder #Bipolar1Disorder #psychotic #Grief #ADHD #PTSD

I have lived moments that I thought I was going to die from mental, physical, psychotic induced pain. That would have been such a fast death. But now a transition has occurred; I feel as if death is slowly chasing me, purposely chasing me with a safe distance so that way I can experience each layer of pain in an infinite loop. I have all of these criteria to make life worth living with success, and am always helping others before myself. I am mostly responsible with treatment, but of course hallucinations slip by, as well as other symptoms. I teach special education and am mostly successful, with room for human error, with growth mindset.

But now I am stuck. I am stuck between an intense feeling of worthlessness and feeling so lost that I cannot function. Hallucinations that give me a map on how to physically harm myself test me, and I’m not as strong as I used to be. Rage peaks through, hurting those around me, even with an apology after, which pains me. Or I spend countless nights without sleep, working on projects, feeling like my brain can’t stop. I usually have one meal, haven’t been exercising, drink a ton of water, and at least pretend to sleep. I’m breaking out on my face more than I ever have, gaining weight without any changes, minus me walking more.

Of course there is the great debate with nurture versus nature. My disorders float along nature. It’s just how my brain has been created. Sure, there are various treatments and coping skills, but with nature and outside factors/stressors, I can’t ever see positivity in my near or far feature, even though I believe it will appear one day.

For the nature aspect, this year has been very difficult. I am getting used to a new school and re-doing the program and am involved in leadership positions, so I feel a sense of self-worth, with the consequence of more responsibility and stress. I had a few friends, two were my best friends, friends across the country; and an improving relationship, mostly, wjth my family. I had the most beautiful, inside and out, smart, funny, charismatic boyfriend that was going to propose to me at Warped Tour (music was special to us). Well, my improving life suddenly stopped and turned towards the other way, with rapid speed.

My boyfriend, my best friend, almost fiancé, passed away. Long story short, bathroom floor, paramedics, hospitals, I’m extremely traumatized. Everything was fine that day. Until my world was shattered. I had never felt such pain before. It’s been 4 months, and I cry, write him letters, honor him through music and sports, and do my best to visit his mother. I’m more than empty and lost without him.

Somehow with events like this, strange things happen. I am now down to one friend. I don’t feel as if people can see me, can acknowledge my existence. I thought just the illnesses kicked people away. But I’m also a hell of a lot more under control than my early 20’s. What did I do wrong to make my world crumble, as now I am alone.


Struggling. Volatile mind

Tired of fighting on. My head hurts. My soul is begging to be put to sleep. In need of a distraction.

#BPD #Anxiety #psychotic depression


Saying the word ‘psychotic ‘

This story resonated with me. I’m bipolar with bipolar psychosis . I have always been afraid to say the word psychotic in relation to myself until my fiancé saw a coffee mug with ‘you say psychotic like it’s a bad thing’ written on it. I loved that someone looked at the phenomenon with a sense of humor. I wish I had that coffee mug! #psychotic #Bipolar psychosis