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#nervousbreakdown #DelusionalDisorder #untreated #Fear #Paranoia

Anyone here have a real nervous breakdown? I had one at age 19. They run in my family. #heredity #Psychosis #psychotic #insane #insanity
I have said that "once you go thru that door (of having had a N.B.,), you never quite come out.
Here's a #Song the #Lyrics describe what I mean & a little of what it was like.
"Came Back Haunted" by NIN

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#Depression #help #inspire #Love #Kind #positive

This book was given to me by my sisters. I was having a #nervousbreakdown About mothers day. Its It's a short read, simple like a children's book. I often read it on my really bad days. "What is the #bravest Thing you've ever said?" Asked the boy. #help , said the horse.


Weaning off #Lexapro #Escitalopram

I've taken it everyday since I was 16. I recently turned 20. They are weaning me off and putting me on #cymbalta because of possible #Fibromyalgia the cymbalta helps the pain but I feel like I'm going #Crazy I'm overly #sad and #angry #frustrated I'm only down from 20mg to 10mg in 3 weeks. I'm a mess. I work in customer service so this is absolutely not okay. I need #help idk if anyone out there can help me. I've called my #Psychiatrist but I know he is not in today. I'm not a danger to myself or others. I just know and have experienced #nervousbreakdown before, and thatthat's where I'm heading fast. I'm not okay. I go to the #Rheumatologist in 2 weeks. I will ask for better therapist there, one who specializes in #ChronicIllness perhaps. Does anyone have any info on this? Can anyone shed light onto what's happening to me? #BipolarDisorder #Support #Depression #anger #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #SaveMe


Just had a mental breakdown

I have recently discovered that my mother is/has been a mental abuser. I took some time to really work through memories and experiences that I’ve had and ultimately made the decision to confront my mother about her behavior. I love my mom. She has a good heart and truly does not believe that she has been abusing me in this way. She says so many hurtful things to me and micromanages my life. Every time I get off the phone with her I feel small and worthless.

Even though I feel this way I still want a relationship with her, but want it to be healthy. We have always been very close but only if I do and say what she expects from me. Ever since I have confronted her, we do nothing but fight. This has been going on for months. It finally hit a breaking point with me having a nervous breakdown. It was the worst and most terrifying experience of my life. I am forever changed. My emotions are all over the place and feel that I could burst into tears at any moment.
I don’t know where to go from here. I am hurting so much emotionally. My mom blames me for causing her pain by telling her the things she has done and has never once apologized or even acknowledged the pain I am going through.

I don’t even know what I’m asking for with this post but I guess if there is anything encouraging words or advice you’d like to share please do so. I am feeling so lost right now. #Anxiety #mentalabuse #EmotionalAbuse #nervousbreakdown #Mentalbreakdown


I am currently in the process of learning how to deal with my anxiety and I am not ashamed. What are you currently dealing with and not ashamed of?

#Anxiety #PanicAttacks #panic #breakdown #nervousbreakdown #nervous


You sleep and I watch you

You sleep and I watch you,
Afraid of what your brain is doing--
Showing you horror.
Your face is so exquisitely beautiful,
It looks peaceful--tanned and freckled,
Newly threaded brows,
Cozy in Daddy's college sweatshirt.
You've been asleep for three hours now
In this motel room, in the middle of the day.
There is work to be done--prep school papers and tests to study for.
I willingly take on your anxiety to try to spare you.
I open the curtains now, hoping the 5PM light will naturally rouse you.
My baby now struck with the onset of her father's,
And my mental illnesses.
I descend into simultaneously contemplating our nerve at reproducing,
And the world without you if we had not.
You asked for me to come
And that was all I heard.
Despite home sickness and anxiety before,
You had never asked me to drop everything
And drive three hours at night
To find you at the health center feeling unsafe.
Oh my spectacular, glistening, beloved girl!
We will get to the other side, even if
We have to live in this remote motel for days on end,
As I watch you sleep and wait until the doctor can determine
Your best path.
You pull me into the bed,
To hug you, to smush you, to shield you
From the world.
And the worst part is I know your pain #nervousbreakdown