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Joke of the Day! #BipolarDisorder #joke

Today I saw an ant in my kitchen making its way towards the remnants of a sugar cube on my kitchen side. It fiddled with it for a bit and then went off to get its mates. It was at this point I quickly wiped up the remaining sugar crumbs from the side so that when the ant returned with its mates, they would all think it was a liar! 🤥

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Liar! Liar! That Ant’s a Liar! #joke

I saw an ant in my kitchen last week, it was enjoying the remnants of a sugar cube on the side. It went off to get it’s mates so I quickly wiped up the sugar that was there so when the ant returned with his mates, they would all think it was a liar!

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#MakeMeLaugh #DistractMe #Christian #nostalgia #joke

Who knows what movie this is a parody of? The characters have been replaced with ones that do not belong. What the characters are doing is the same as their original counterparts. Have fun!

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Maybe a daily joke could boost your mood or mine? Perhaps both!

Found this gem on Reddit:
What did one eye say to the other?
Between us something smells! #Humor #joke #Dadjoke #lol

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Words of encouragement? #CheckInWithMe

If you’ve been following along, I had a new doctors appointment last week, and the follow up is tomorrow. I can feel that the meds aren’t doing enough, and as I’m on the highest dose allowed, the next step is most likely surgery. Depending on the surgery, I might miss out on graduation- something I’ve worked super hard to get to.

The doctor basically said surgery is the next step herself last week- she just wanted to run more tests before deciding on anything concrete.

Anyway, I’m really nervous and my anxiety is taking me down some wild paths, so I thought I’d ask for some encouragement here. (You guys are honestly really good at that!) So please, tell me something good, a nice pick-me-up quote, or a funny joke! I’d really appreciate it!

#CheckInWithMe #Support #Advice #AdviceWelcome #joke #Quotes #quote #encouragementiswelcome #Encourageme