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    Another day, another trip to the hospital, another procedure…the fun never ends. Being what I call a “professional patient” helps but it’s still scary

    <p>Another day, another trip to the hospital, another procedure…the fun never ends. Being what I call a “professional patient” helps but it’s still scary</p>
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    Me last Friday 😂😂😂

    <p>Me last Friday 😂😂😂</p>
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    That’s definitely what it feels like!

    <p>That’s definitely what it feels like!</p>
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    I had a nurse look the exact same way!

    <p>I had a nurse look the exact same way!</p>
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    Anybody else apologized during a lumbar puncture??? 😅

    <p>Anybody else apologized during a lumbar puncture??? 😅</p>
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    How long does it take to get Lumbar Puncture results?

    I had a lumbar puncture on New Year’s Eve after my neurologist suspected the I may be suffering from Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. This was my first lumbar puncture and I never asked how long it would take to get the results. If you have, or someone you know has, had this procedure before can you tell me how long it took to receive your results? #IIH #LumbarPunctures #AutoimmuneDisease #LivingWithPOTS #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #Depression #ChronicFatigue #Labyrinthitis #ChronicEpsteinBarrVirus #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #PeripheralNeuropathy #RaynaudsPhenomenon #ChronicVestibularMigraine

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    How do you cope when you didn’t think the pain could get any worse? #DistractMe #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension #Migraine #Headache #ChronicPain

    First post!! I went to the hospital for a #LumbarPunctures today. My neurologist wanted to check if my chronic headache/migraines, fatigue etc is #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension or really bad persistent #Migraine .

    The Lumbar Puncture was unsuccessful. The doctor kept hitting vertebrae, causing pain and twitches down my left side. After about 8 attempts he decided to call it, and has requested another procedure under X-ray guide. This then means another 3-4 week wait. Now I can barely move on top of awful head pain etc.

    How do you cope when you didn’t think pain could get any worse?

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    Not again pain #Pain # #LumbarPunctures chronicpain

    One thing I hate more than my chronic stomach pain is my post lumbar puncture headache.

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    My story part 1

    I have suffered with #Epilepsy since I was 5 years old, but was constantly told I just need more sleep till my sister did her first aid course and had me go see my gp asking for a referral - turned out she was right. I was 13. No medicines worked. We tried countless drugs from the age of 13 onwards but it only carried on getting worse. #JuvenileMyoclonicEpilepsy also #Photosensitive -epilepsy. Then while in college I started getting a crazy #Migraine and eventually regardless of whatever I took nothing would make it go away. So I slept at home for nearly a month. Once it became better and I tried getting out of bed... BAM! Paralysed. I was rushed to hospital and after doing three wrong #LumbarPunctures they found nothing. The worlds best nerve specialist also told me I was lying. -that day, those words... that lady, I will never forget. Going back alittle - I was in hospital for over three months with this now... at the time for some reason I didn’t think anything of it and just got oncwith whatever. Towards the end, with no help from the doctors there, my dad helped me learn to walk again using their frames and crutches when he would come visit. They sent me home with the diagnosis of #Paraparesis and #Parasesis

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    Emily Moore

    What It Feels Like to Live With Arachnoiditis

    When most people hear that I have a disease called arachnoiditis they usually ask, “Oh, you are afraid of spiders?” It does sound similar to the term arachnophobia, but in reality arachnoiditis is a rare and severely debilitating condition caused by inflammation of the arachnoid lining of the brain and spinal cord. According to Spine Universe, “the inflammation often causes constant irritation, scarring, and binding of nerve roots and blood vessels.” If I had to describe the pain, I would say it feels like a pitchfork is stabbing me in my lower back and being bitten by thousands of stingrays on my lower limbs at the same time. My arachnoiditis developed after numerous lumbar back surgeries resulting from the emergency condition cauda equine syndrome. I also had multiple lumbar punctures and epidural steroid injections while doctors were looking for answers to my continued symptoms, both of which can worsen the condition. After the diagnosis of arachnoiditis, I started researching the condition, and wasdevastated. It was obvious my life was being turned upside down, and I was goingto need to learn a different way of living. The progression can lead to paralysis and permanent use of a wheelchair. My diagnosis was eight years ago. I ended up going on permanent disability and spending most of my time at home in severe pain, at doctor’s appointments or at physical therapy appointments. I needed to adjust my entire life learning to live with numbness and weakness in my left leg, bladder dysfunction and severe pain. Arachnoiditis is an iatrogenic condition, meaning it is caused by medical treatment, and can be difficult to diagnose. Causes can include trauma to the spine resulting from multiple surgeries, epidural steroid injections, epidurals for childbirth or the introduction of foreign substances into the spinal fluid. Many of those with arachnoiditis go years and multiple rounds with all types of medical professionals before receiving a diagnosis. As a result, the pain often goes uncontrolled, mental stability can be affected, and patients often undergo multiple procedures like epidural steroid injections for pain relief that are actually shown to worsen the condition. In addition to severe spine and nerve pain arachnoiditis often causes bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction, weakness and altered sensation in extremities. Interruption of the flow of cerebral spinal fluid by clumped nerve roots or scar tissue cause headaches, alterations of proprioception, vision disturbances, hearing loss and dizziness. Often the symptoms can mimic multiple sclerosis and many arachnoiditis patients undergo testing for multiple neurological disorders with no definitive results. Arachnoiditis may have changed my life drastically, but I do not let it define me. With the help of my family, medical care, pain management, physical therapists and my determination, I have learned to live with arachnoiditis without letting it control my life. We want to hear your story. Become a Mighty contributor here .