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My long distance breakup

I had a close relationship with someone for almost 2 years now, but it was long distance due to the pandemic and the fact that she lives in Canada. We met on TalkLife, which is another mental health app. She opened up to me with an issue regarding her ex-bf, and I was able to empathize with her really well. I even shared my insecurities with social anxiety to her and she was so supportive. Over time, we got really close, and I was so happy to find someone like her. She felt the same way. Everything felt so real and authentic for both of us even if it was online. It was for the first time that we both experienced a deep emotional bond. We started chatting on WhatsApp. We called each other almost every day, and even video chatted several times later on. We talked about many topics ranging from the things we liked and how our day went to deep philosophical subjects. We sent gifts to each other. She even wanted to meet me in person, but due to the pandemic's travel restrictions and me being at university, it was hard to do all these years.

This summer I finally worked up a plan to fly and visit her in Vancouver. But she told me a few days ago that unfortunately, we are not really right for each other because she wanted to find more local people. She also was occupied with making a move to another province. Yet, she also told me that I was the most genuine friend she's ever had. I guess, in a way she's right because even if I did visit her in person, things would still stay the same between us because we would still be long distance and in 2 different countries. Seems like she wanted to get deeper with me, but couldn't.

Still, I just miss her so much, and have been in so much grief and depression because of that. I want to share this because it is a prime example of how everything could feel so real and right in a relationship, but circumstances like distance and location just get in the way.

#Breakups #Grief #Depression #Relationships #COVID #longdistance #pandemic

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I wish you never met me

A poem I wrote a while ago with a photo I took that day. I met a girl in USA and was an awful person to her and now I regret everything and upset we never talk but did so much damage to her. How many have felt like this? #Poem #IMissYou #longdistance #Love #regret #Depression #BPD #MensHealth #MensMentalHealth


How do you handle a long distance relationship with chronic illnesses and depression/anxiety? #ChronicDepression #Anxiety #Mastocytosis #ChronicMigraineSyndrome

It seems that all I’ve chosen since my divorce and preceding rare autoimmune disease diagnosis are long distance relationships (3 states away minimum). I don’t know why I keep doing this because it leaves me feeling lonely the majority of the time. any suggestions or thoughts? #Loneliness #longdistance #strengthinvulnerability


How would you tell your friend that you have anxiety when dealing with their friendship?

I have a male friend and we’re in a long distance friendship. I’ve always had anxiety about the friendship, but more recently he’s become really good friends with two people in his hometown. Our communication has slowed down A LOT where I barely hear from him anymore and we use to talk all day everyday just about. Now he barely answers my texts or phone calls. I have this anxiety about him finally replacing me because I’m not physically there. #Anxiety #longdistance #Friendship


#longdistance love

My s.o. said I don´t make him feel needed. We are 8,000 miles apart for the next few months, and I do everything I can from calling to texting to staying in when my friends go out so I can talk to him. These days, i feel like nothing is enough to show him I love him and support him.

How am I supposed to do better to make him feel needed when I don´t even feel wanted?


long distance friendships #longdistance #friend

These friendships are so so important. I wrote a 2 page paper on why. They help us. We need them. For the parents who see their children's long distance friends as a threat. Try to see from their point of view. Please.