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This last month has been a roller coaster ride for me. My RA has been giving me fits and to top it off my electrolytes keep getting out of wack. I’m on Simponi infusions every 8 weeks, have hyperthyroidism, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, PsA, thrombocytopenia and heart problems. I’m fused from C-3 to T-1 and L3 to S1. I need a hip replacement and that is not possible due to my severe osteoporosis so my rheumatologist is starting me on Prolea my next infusion at the end of June. I just had an injection in my left hip to try to help alleviate some of the pain but the general anesthesia caused all kinds of havoc with my heart and a trip to the ER for chest pain. I have had two stints placed and still have a 50 % blockage in the LAD that they did not stint because it needed to be @ 70%. I’ve finally been able to reverse the electrolyte imbalance which helped with some of the spasms and bone pain but the anxiety I have from all the above is going to throw me completely over the edge lately. I have two bad heart valves. I’m so tired of being sick and tied and not being able to do the things I want to do. I’m a retired ER/ ICU nurse so idle time has never been in my vocabulary. I’m going insane here. I haven’t posted in a long time I’m more of a reader and do pray for each of you daily. I just feel so lonely here. Just needed to vent that’s all. I appreciate your time if you read this far 😁 #Anxiety
#Hip bone on bone


Halfway through spinal cord stimulator trial, feel a little defeated

I’m wondering if other people have had, or still have, a spinal cord stimulator and what your experience was like during the trial. I’d be particularly interested to hear from people who had a slight improvement in pain, but not much, by the mid way point and if things were adjusted to the point of satisfaction. I have my mid trial appointment tomorrow and I’m anxious because I feel like I’m not getting a great response but there has been a little improvement. My provider told me to be sure to be honest but I’m so used to having doctors tell me I’m wrong or it’s in my head etc etc that my natural response is to just downplay my pain. I was just so hopeful for this, it sorta feels like I’m doing something wrong 😓 #ChronicPain #Neuropathic Pain #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Depression #Anxiety #lumbarradiculopathy #spinalcordstimulator


Frustrated and Feeling Alone #Fibromyalgia #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #Osteoarthritis #ChronicIllness #SpinalStenosis #MyofascialPainSyndrome #CervicalRadiculopathy #lumbarradiculopathy #AutoimmuneDiseases #ChronicDailyHeadache #ChronicPain

Today was really rough, soooo last night I ended up in the ER barely able to stand and in extreme pain, They gave me 2 scripts, I called My PCP which is new well I just switched to that location, because I I got dropped because I started forgotten my appointments, btw I’ve been here 7 years and travel a hour away from my house. So they finally listened and did a complete MRI of my back, sending me to PM I’m terrified! I was in a MVA on my birthday 5/23, and they refused to see my told me to go to Er, now when I’m trying to bring scripts and discharge papers, they chew me out say they don’t know me because I’m new to that location making me like I’m pill hunting, threatened to kicked me out, now I’m looking for PCP and Pain Management, and scared with the new Spinal Stenosis diagnosis and sciatica and everything else; any advice welcome, I’ve cried all day. I’ve forgotten my purse at the store, I think it’s my fibromyalgia fog, feel like I have no one😭😭😭😭Please help


Feeling under appreciated

I am in constant pain, suffer from unremitting fatigue and it is taking it’s toll on me by beating me down. Lately my family, who I’ve alway been there for in the past are now brow beating me because my current limitations are inconvenient for them. Every effort I put forth in the past is now viewed through a critically negative eye. I feel like I need to get away from them. I love them dearly and would like to do all I can have to help them in anyway I can. However, I’m learning that I need to balance my desire to help with self care and self love. It’s not easy for me to do and I feel guilty and selfish, doing it, but I must. My physical, emotional and mental health all depend on it. I need to pray more about this. Thanks for listening. #Selfcare #MixedConnectiveTissueDiseaseMCTD #Fibromyalgia #lumbarradiculopathy