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Meds, gahhhh!

Dealing with meds and their side effects is in itself one of the worst ‘symptoms’ of this disorder. However, the Lamictal through me into a mania, and whether good or bad, I liked it. It felt good after a very long depressive episode. But now I keep fearing the inevitable crash…

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Weekend Rockstars 🤟 #BipolarDisorder

Hello there to all you lovely members of this group and a very warm welcome to the new members who have joined.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting anything recently as I have been going through a bit of mania and everything has been a bit disjointed.

I’m interested to know how you have all been doing and if you have any plans for the weekend?!?

Please comment below 👇🏼


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Surviving a Major Bipolar Depressive Episode and Finding a Purpose in my Life

I had my first mental illness episode with psychosis symptoms when I was 20 years old in 1982. I had mental illness episodes of extreme anxiety, depression, mania, and psychosis at different times from 1983-1992. I also worked in the mental health field for three years during this time, helping mentally ill patients in hospital settings. I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1992 after I faced disciplinary action while a graduate counseling student because I had disabling symptoms of psychosis. I was no longer allowed to take graduate courses at this university. From 1992-2008, I took education courses, earned my ....
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GuestPost: Surviving a Major Bipolar Depressive Episode and ...

GuestPost: Surviving a Major Bipolar Depressive Episode and Finding a Purpose in my Life by Becky Rowland

BiographyI had my first mental illness episode with psychosis symptoms when I was 20 years old in 1982. I had mental illness episodes of extreme anxiety, depression, mania, and psychosis at differe…
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Happy Mother’s Day

I went to the mall today got my Starbucks. It was buy one get one so I got my friend a Starbucks drink. I was sitting with my friend who has #Bipolar unspecified disorder. She works at Starbucks and we actually bonded over mental health . We have been talking for awhile now. I felt extremely happy today and much more alive does that make sense. I was very giddy. She says sounds like I am hypo manic. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Bipolar2 . I walked 11,670 steps,78 minutes of exercise and 4.55 miles

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signs that your getting bad again

#Anxiety #Depression #OCD #ADHD #Grief #Mania #Loss

anytime you have theses symptoms please reach out to someone on the mighty or a therapist or doc..we are here for you..i know its hard to reach out for help when all you do is feel like a burden but everyone deserves support and help from one another..

you can personally DM me if anyone needs to talk about anything... feel free..if i dont get back to you right away then please bare w me..i will get back to you though..i promise

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Well, meds…

Well, went to a pathways clinic to do a substance abuse assessment, didn’t seem to have a problem with that but the counselor thinks I need bimonthly therapy, one-on-one… Then, during the clinic Dr’s appt, the doc gave me Rxs for generic Trileptal and Vistaral. I guess I know/knew I have issues with anxiety and mania, now maybe a bit(?) bipolar…. Don’t usually sleep well most nights, since I was a young kid.

I guess knowing some type of meds may stop or even slow down the brain would be nice after all this time.

I had thought about therapy of some kind years ago, but was trying to take care of others, so put it off.

Well, thanks for listening a minute.

Good wishes for everyone here on The Mighty…

#Bipolar2 #Anxiety #Mania #MentalHealth #MightyTogether

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Energy levels #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder

When I had my therapy appointment last week I explained my energy levels. I told him I have more energy when I get 6 hours of sleep. Now that my sleep is back on I still have high energy levels. He said maybe I’m manic I said I don’t have #Bipolar . He said you don’t need to have all of the symptoms of #Bipolar . I have depression and been hospitalized. I see him today to discuss this further

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Your Friends Are an Accessory #Bipolar #PTSD #BPD #selfcare #Depression #Hope #advocate #Mania #Support

We really do need to be our own best friends, our own cheerleaders and our own advocates. No one can speak up for you better than you can, only you know the true depth of your darkness.

Which is ideal when you need to speak up for yourself or ask for help and do yourself justice when advocating for your needs, hopes and desires.

Yes, friends are cool, we can share our feelings, help each other out or even just watch a bad movie and have meaningless conversations.

The simplest things can make all the difference when connecting with your friends, your chosen family.

We can often find true beauty within our friendships, when you notice a familiar laugh or smile, or hear that warm voice saying, ‘Good night, sleep tight’.

We need that beauty in our lives, it is vital.

But when it becomes a necessity, things can become toxic very easily, slowly we rely on these companions for more and more, not always, but sometimes, and sometimes can be all it takes to sour a good apple.

When you start to trust your own judgement, discernment and advice you awaken a power within you that can really help you begin living now, only then can you give your full presence and gifts to those you hold dear.

Please cherish your relationships, but remember they are an accessory, you are the necessity.

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Maybe Manic?

I am worried that I'm entering a manic phase. My mania is never as bad as my depression, but it is just such a horrible time to be ready to fight or party. I am just so chipper despite everything going on in my life - which is not like me. I am just so unsure and don't want to torpedo my life.#BipolarDisorder

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Reaching out, then regret, recovery - any ideas?

Last month around my birthday I got a little excited/manic and reached out to a lot of friends. Had a plan for a birthday party, but it all fell through due to COVID and then taking time off from work for a partial hospitalization program.

Now I've got approx 30-40 messages/posts to reply to from friends and family.

They keep building up and at this point its overwhelming to reply to them all.

Does anyone else experience this? When feeling good I reach out to friends, then when something happens/falls through - I isolate and then don't reply, creating my own anxiety.

Anyone have any tips on how I could make a post to address this without revealing my mental health stuff?

I wish I could reply to each person, but it's too much.

So this post, something like "Thanks for all the messages, I've been out for health issues, etc, still want to chat". IDK how to phrase it well. #Bipolar1 #Mania #SocialAnxiety #Depression

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