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If you stay,
You'll be there creating new memories with loved ones.
If you stay,
It will get better but it has to give you lessons along the way.
If you stay,
You'll discover the reason your alive.
If you stay,
I'm proud of you because you chose to stay. Its hard to chose to stay.
You stayed,
Now hold on tighter than ever.
Life is a rollercoaster but there's reasons why its a wild ride.

I stayed to write this.
And you stayed to read it.
Thank you for staying.

#MightyPoets #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Poem #Poetry #meghanyoungpoet #instagrampoet


Brain vs. heart

Are you enough?
You are enough!

Are you afraid?
I'm not afraid!

Are you a failure?
I am not a failure!

You are alone!
I am not alone!

You want to die!
I do not want to die!

-Brain vs. Heart-

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#MightyPoets #Depression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth #Poetry #meghanyoungpoet


Walking with Suicide Part II (Poem)

Oh, sweet suicide.
You were once so close to getting me.
I was ashamed once
But now I'm free.

Oh sweet suicide
How you had my throat by your hands.
I survived your wrath
I'm still breathing.
How does that make you feel.

Oh sweet suicide.
I scarred my body for you.
Thinking you would take my pain away.
You lied
Better yet I believed your lies

Oh sweet suicide.
How you are in my grips now.
I'm holding your hand.
Helping you now off your ledge.
You deserve happiness too.
I'm still walking with suicide.
Better yet suicide walked away with me from the end.

#MightyPoets #Depression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Emotions #Suicide #SuicideAwareness #Poetry #poet #writer #meghanyoungpoet #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth



Cotton so soft yet delicate
Blows in the wind ever so swiftly.

Yet this little cotton is flammable.
It burns in an instant.

We all are fragile cotton that blows in wind.
We all burn out eventually.
Some faster than others.

Treat eachother like it's the last time because you may never know who will go up in flames.

#Writing #Poetry #MentalHealth #Support #poems #orignalpoem #meghanyoungpoet