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Botox or No Tox?

I have been on the wait list to see the Dr for botox for a couple of years and them I finally was supposed to get it done today but when I went in to see the Dr I told her I was nervous and wasn't sure if that's what I wanted and so she sent me away and said to rebook when I'm sure.
The problem is that I don't know if I'll ever be sure--I'm scared of needles and I'm sick of putting drugs (even supposedly helpful ones) in my body but I don't know what to do, I feel so trapped. There's a lot of stigma in my family and friend group about not living drs or modern pharmaceuticals and I'm afraid of being judged or having side effects and having people say I told you so or making fun of me for even getting botox because they only associate it with a cosmetic procedure and then the Dr told me I'd have to have it at least 3 times before she would expect any improvement.
Have you had botox? Like it or dislike it? Did it help much? Are there other treatments that are less invasive (Ive tried most meds and home remedies) that I could try?
Any advice would be very appreciated!

#ChronicMigraineSyndrome #Migraine #botox #treatment

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Just wanted to share a little win I had recently

Im very proud of myself because last week I had botox for the 4th time in my forehead to help with migraines and I didnt faint or have a panic attack. I have a phobia of needles and with the crippling anxiety Ive been having recently I had been putting off my appointment for 8 months! But after suffering with migraine after migraine I finally got the courage and booked an appointment. I have the loveliest lady doing my botox and she is so patient with me. And after leaving my appointment I wanted to cry because I had managed to go through with it without any issues. A very proud moment and its given me a confidence boost 🥰 its the small victories 🥰 #botox #Migraine #ChronicPain #anixety

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I have been suffering for quite some years now with a very weak bladder I found out before all this coronavirus started that I have two forms of water work problems can't remember what exactly what it was they called them. Ive been to a specialist to make sure that my pelvic floor is alright which it is. I've been given different types of tablets to try but none have worked and now omg I have an appointment at Lincoln hospital this Monday 23rd November they are on about giving me botox down there I was just wondering if anyone has ever been through this and if so what was it like. Does it hurt. Did it work?


Has anyone tried Botox for migraines?

I get migraines pretty badly; I am sure some of you can relate. About a year ago I got Botox with a friend at a Botox party and I noticed I didn’t have those headaches for a few months after that. I then learned that it can actually be used to prevent migrains. Has anyone tried this? #Migraine #botox #Headache

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Happy 2 Year #Migraine to me!

Happy 2 Year Migraine to me! It's not deadly, just debilitating & soul sucking!
I have amazing Doctors taking care of me. In fact I would be at the #Mayo in Scottsdale if #COVID19 hadn't happened.
So how do I get through the daily? Some days I was able to get up & exercise immediately. I found if I walked right away, the endorphins would give me a 4 hour window of "health". I was even looking into going back to work in some capacity.
But most days I'm a vampire. I hide from the light, live in near silence & try not to move.
I have lost count of how many Occipital Nerve & Sphenopalantine Ganglion Nerve Blocks I've had. At least #botox is included.
I am thankful to not be in the group of #Migraineurs that have had an episode lasting 20 years. My jaw fell open when I was told that they survive on 900 mg of morphine/day. Most days I would kill for 10mg of #morphine or even 1 #tylenol3. I can't get either bc of the #OpioidCrisis . Maybe it's a blessing, but most days it's a curse.
I've been able to do some shows while heavily medicated. You just don't see what a mess I am afterwards. That my Brother has to help me at the airport bc I can't check myself in.
I wear sunglasses all the time, not to be cool, but bc that's how I deal.
So what keeps me going? I have had so many health struggles, both physically & mentally. I want you to know that our will to survive is WAY stronger than our will to die. & I've wanted to die! I literally have the #Suicide headache!
So, I've just taken my second dose of #Emgality . Fingers crossed it works! But even if it doesn't, I want you to know it's gonna be OK! I have a Husband who loves me, a roof over my head, no food insecurity, & clean water to drink. We also have 8 Nieces & Nephews growing up fast & we need to be a positive example for the kids.
I know most of us grew up thinking it was shameful to talk publicly about personal problems. I am so happy to be in an era where feelings are to be expressed & not suppressed.
I am thankful that there are people who will love you as is even if getting dressed & leaving the house isn't an option most days.
So I leave you with this....Bad times don't last!💋 #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #youdontlooksick #InvisibleIllness

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Does anyone else faint with #botox for #Migraine?

Every time I get botox for my chronic migraines, I pass out. I’m not particularly anxious about it but I keep fainting every time after the first 15 or so shots. It makes me feel really nauseous and awful and it’s by far the most stressful part of the whole process. How can I avoid having this reaction? Any tips? #Fainting #Injections


My appointment for Botox for migraines just got cancelled because they aren’t seeing anyone in clinic. anyone else have this happen?

I don’t know what I’m going to do. it comes back with a vengeance. I am already in 24/7 pain and this is just going to amplify it. I can barely get out of bed as it is. #Migraine #botox #Fibromyalgia #TrigeminalNeuralgia


Has anyone tried botox for nerve pain?

I have #PudendalNeuralgia and have tried anything and everything to get better. Pretty much at the end of things I can try. The doctor says the only thing he can do now is to try Botox. Has anyone tried this Please tell me more about it. Doing some online research but would love to hear from my friends on The Mighty #ChronicPain #nervepain #botox


Botox for Migraine?

My neurologist has said my chronic migraines (now with aura) are so bad that we have exhausted all options and we need to do Botox (35 shots in my traps, neck, shoulders, bottom and top of skull are) all where my severe tightness is and issues are. I am currently on Topamax (100mg) and do trigger point injections every 2 months. If you currently do Botox for migraines or have done them, what is your opinion? I have my first round mid September after my trigger point injections from my neurologist, and she is hopeful it will help with the tightness, tingling, and migraine with and without aura. #Migraine #botox #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #ChronicMigraines