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Post holiday

#chronic pain # fibromyalgia # bipolar#osteo and #Psoriatic arthritis barometric pressure wreaked havoc on the holidays for me. Everything ached so bad. Coming up for air on first day of the new year.

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My name is Jacqueline. I am new to the group. I am a 52 year old survivor of Chronic Kidney Disease since age 12.
Along with kidney disease brings many other health issues. I was blessed with a kidney transplant in 2007. However, there are still obstacles to deal with. I would luv to meet others to share coping with them.
#Kidney Transplant #Kidney Disease
#osteo #ChronicDepression


We’re a community that supports each other by sharing our experiences.

Wonderful Saturday

#PositiveVibes #ChronicPain #chronic illnesses#Bipolar #osteo and psoriatic arthritis#CheckInWithMe #MightyMinute #Fibromyalgia
Spent the day with my oldest brother traveling up the gorge in Oregon to a huge lavender field. Visited their gift shop n bought some linen spray for my pillow at night with the hope the lavenders healing n calming qualities will aid in my sleep.
I got a great view of My. Good in the distance. Beautiful sights we have here in Oregon.
The day was so special because I haven't driven for many years now, so this kind of day is out of reach for me. This is the same brother that shares time with me going to the river.
I can't thank him enough!
If other mightiest have a special someone, let's. hear it!


Awesome Day 💗

#positive energy#CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #ChronicIllnesses #bipolarbytes #Fibromyalgia #osteo and psoriatic arthritis#Asthma
After an appt this morning I got to go to a state park with my caregiver today. We walked some but many areas were gravel n my walker doesn't do well. Then when we got back to my apt scheduled a medical test n checked my garden.
Then my 2:45 person showed up bearing a box. We went to local coffee shop for cheap summer drink and went to a park.
There I shared with her my decision to STOP CPAP machine. She understood n gave me a high five.
Then I had my 4p phone appt and I shared with her all my days activities..
She was excited for me.
Post pandemic life: WOW!


what small things help you to feel better? easy, doable things that bring some comfort? #Fibro #BPD #osteo #Depression #Anxiety

what can we do to help make ourselves feel better? share one small thing that brings you comfort/ a smile/ a happy feeling that we can share .... mine is sleeping on freshly washed bedding....



I didn’t have the worst childhood in the world. I wasn’t sexually abused or beaten, but I was emotionally abused. and I feel guilty that it affects my life every day when there are far worse sufferings in the world. I discovered I had BPD when I was watching a program about Amy Winehouse and Robin Williams! I went into research mode and discovered BPD and took this new info to my Peychiatrist and they confirmed I was right I had BPD.
after years of counseling and psych visits I know what it is and where it comes from etc. but I’ve never spoken out about it. I’ve never spoke out about why I’ve got it. and those who caused it and actually to this day still contribute to it. I think I was just an irritation as a child. a fly to be swatted out of the way a nuisance and an annoyance. my mum always says that I was the best behaved out of all of us (middle child) and used to sit and tear paper when I was little. I can’t help but have the saying a baby won’t cry when they know no one is coming.... I remember having the piss taken out of me by my parents when I tried to discuss my feelings of emptiness and loneliness and not having friends. I was told to stop being so pathetic and go away. I stood outside that door crying silently for ages trying to work up the courage to talk to them and they shot me down in flames. I think from information I’ve gathered over the years that I was created to try and save a failing marriage. and it didn’t work. and I’ve never known or met my sperm donor. and I think that as I failed in my reason for being here, I just wasn’t bothered with. along comes adoptive dad and a younger sibling. younger sibling was and is spoilt rotten. we are all equal apparently. but there are so many reasons why this isn’t true but I can’t state them cos it may identify people.
I did not get cuddles I don’t remember any. we moved house and schools constantly. mum Wales is the first day then we were on our own. I remember my mum going off her head at us all the time constantly and hitting out then getting dad to have a go when he got in from work too. I remember us being told to take out pants down so we could be out over a knee and leathered. red raw. sometimes with a slipper or a belt. according to parents this is a figment of our collective imaginations.
how humiliating and shameful and embarrassing. I remember hearing my scream from outside when mum was hitting her with a belt over her knee. I remember being told to give my sister
my Easter cup cos mum
went off
on one again and threw a pot in the sink and smashed it. apparently it was
my fault she threw
the pot in the sink. she launched a hairbrush at the window and it bounced back and hit me in the face. she smashed a glass door by slamming it so hard and dad got us when he got in cos it was our fault she was in a mood and did it. she kicked down the bathroom door to get at my sister. I’m running out of space......



just reading through some bios from people who find the general
public/family members/friends can have a withering opinion of you when they know the most about your story and your daily struggles. and it got me thinking about. a note which was left on my windscreen. my car is parked in a disabled bay outside my home. just to be clear, it’s not MY SPACE exclusively, however, 99% of the time no one else uses it. so one day a note appears
on my windscreen you have no right to use a disabled space. shame on you. you have been reported.
people are such asshats

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