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Any tips/trick for when you feel Clamy all over, which often turns to cold to the bone feeling, followed by a hot flash (and than it restarts again..)

I'm often run into the problem that my body gets caught into a Ficuosis Cycle of Hot>clammy(of sweat) > cold >hot again etc (almost fever like).
It's often triggered by environmental temperature changes, because for some reason my body doesn't know what to do with that...
It's probably caused by one of my conditions/meds, like I'm on fenanyl and us #TPN (total parenteral nutrition = feeds via a permanent IV)
> I'm already doing clothing layering a lot, and wear a lot of scarves tat are easy to put on or off. But I'm looking for more Clothing tips, like what fabric types to look out for, and which to absolutely avoid...? Like now I'm only using Cotten primarily, just because I'm so unsure about other (mostly synthetic) fabric types.
So any tips, or insights, are greatly appreciated!!
XxX Maudddy


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Been struggling with the pain

My head pain has been at an 8/10 for a week now, and none of my painkillers do anything anymore. My neurologist has raised my diamox, so now it’s just a painful waiting game for it to work.
Anyone else had problems like this before?

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Taking alot of meds #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis #IBD #Endometriosis #autoimmunedisorders #medications #painmeds

Hello everyone! I am 34 years-old, and have a bunch of chronic invisible illnesses along with their glorious chronic pains...ALL THE TIģGG w!ME.
Anyhow, my mother is always concerned about the sheer amount of medications (not to mention ththe potency of a lot of them) that i consume . She keeps saying that I'm probably the only person out there that takes this many meds, and i often wonder id she's right. 😒😩
Do any of you take what you consider to be A LOT of prescription medications??


Question about #painmeds for my fellow #POTS and #EDS patients — What painmed helps you best?

I’ve been struggling with severe back/leg pain since november (I dislocated my SI joint)
When it first happened I was very nauseated and couldn’t even keep fluids down which caused me to dehydrate and end up in the hospital.
They put me on a pretty high dose of morphine and gabapentin.
I’m doing better now (as in: I kindof don't want to cry my face out and can have conversations) but still struggle with debilitating pain. I can’t even sit for more than 1 minute, when I try to stand I collapse.

I’ve been thinking, since I’m also underresponsive to local anesthetic... could I be underresponsive to these meds too?
Does anyone have experiences to share? Or maybe you can share what meds help you best?

I understand that this is not the best way to gain medical advice. But since there’s no scientific study on this, I’d like to ask...
I’ll discuss changing my meds with my doctor!

Please let me know in the comments; what has helped you?


This Morning Is A Struggle

Woke up this morning and realised I fell asleep last night without taking bedtime pain medication. So now on top of the usual pain that the medication doesn’t eliminate, I also feel lots heavier, and like someone’s pulling cheese wire between my joints and vertebrae.

I can’t get to a comfortable temperature either, and though I’m usually too hot, this constant changing that keeps meaning I have to move is not helping.

I’d go back to sleep if the incessant drilling where they’re building a house down the street wasn’t drilling into my mind.

I rarely forget medication, I have habits and reminders and it’s not something that happens often, but man I wish it was fool-proof! I had wanted to do something today maybe, but looks unlikely now...

#ChronicPain #Medication #PainKillers #painmeds


Me: *breaks down and cries because I pushed myself so hard and everything hurts*
Me: But is it bad enough to take a full dose? #Fibromyalgia #painmeds #ChronicPain