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Unhelpful Help

<p>Unhelpful Help</p>
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Hello weekend

<p>Hello weekend</p>
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Community Voices

Family members stop by but wont wear masks.

#rheumatoid arthritis #chronicmigraine #Fibromyalgia #IBS #autoimmunedisorders

One or both of my parents have come by every day this past week and rarely wear masks... they own the house I am living in and they are the only reason I'm not homeless. But it's causing me a great deal of stress, the fact that I'm not allowed to ask them to remove their shoes or wear masks in the house. I've asked... but my pleas fall on deaf ears.

I am beginning to lose hope of ever improving my life.

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Hello everyone! I am 34 years-old, and have a bunch of chronic invisible illnesses along with their glorious chronic pains...ALL THE TIģGG w!ME.
Anyhow, my mother is always concerned about the sheer amount of medications (not to mention ththe potency of a lot of them) that i consume . She keeps saying that I'm probably the only person out there that takes this many meds, and i often wonder id she's right. 😒😩
Do any of you take what you consider to be A LOT of prescription medications??

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Hi everyone!

<p>Hi everyone!</p>
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Finally when I have the flu I am cared for

When my body aches you disregard it.
When my head is pounding you say “it’s fine”.
When I just want to stay home you say let’s go out, suck it up.
When I’m dying inside you say “you’re like this everyday, just learn to live with it you’re going to be dying anyway inside might as well do things”.
And yet..
Now that I have the flu you care for me.
You bring me food.
You bring me medicine.
You make me tea.
You comfort and hug me and love me.
Others feel compassion and tell me they hope I feel better.
They say “I’m so sorry you’re sick”
Usually they don’t care.
Usually they ignore my chronic illnesses.
I somehow wish that I could just say I had the flu everyday.
I’m tired of my illnesses being ignored by you,
By society.
I’m tired. #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #autoimmunedisorders #Undiagnosed #Lupus #Diabetes

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