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Community Voices

Perimenopause and Insomnia

I can’t sleep. None of my female college friends can sleep. We miss estrogen. I took my dogs for a walk in the woods yesterday to promote good sleep hygiene, and yet here I am worrying and overthinking tomorrow. I wish my brain had an off switch. #Perimenopause #Insomnia

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In health purgatory

I am 42 yrs old. I was 17 since I had weird symptoms periods and no periods. Extreme cramping, mood swings and No answers. Heavily fluctuating weight and no pregnancy even though I tried I was married then. I went to doctors and many years til I was in my mid twenties. Then moved to Florida had no health care. Then after Obama care passed finally able to get in 2016 health care. Well started doing the exams and test I needed. Found I had a goiter, cold nodules and starting to put pressure on trachea. So then six months find I have hashimoto's thyroiditis. Can't sleep or breathe well. Then in another six months goiter tripled three times size had to have surgery well my original surgeon retires so after him see second surgeon. Then surgery finally got scheduled I was 38 yrs old at this point. Had surgery and been having complications treating thyroid levels right because first endocrinologist didn't treat it right. Developed Chronic fatigue syndrome plus burning sensation in different parts of body due to TSH. Then after that was following up with my female health come to find out my complaints since 17 came to a head at 38. I found out I had Poly Cystic ovarian syndrome plus Adenomyosis. I wasn't crazy or exaggerating. When doctors for years said they couldn't find what was wrong. Well my insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes diagnosis and high cholesterol were all explained due to my Pcos. So my uterus was at a whopping 11.2cm big. Three times a normal uterus size. I wasn't menstruating and was 40 could barely do day to day duties. Walking, moving my hip and insides felt like they were gonna fall out incredible pain. Being a massage therapist I had to cut back hours and a day because my body couldn't. Went to a reproductive endocrinologist instead of a gynecologist because my gynecologist said they would have to slice me in half and tale uterus out. And I didn't want three months off. So I saw reproductive end and he heard my sordid story of how many years I been suffering and felt bad. He then referred me to next doctor a surgeon and I had my partial hysterectomy. Now after surgery got checked out and sent on my way all normal. Then started exhibiting high estrogen dominance and high testosterone both free and total. And here we are. Now I am in perimenopause and a third endocrinologist and still getting answers slowly. Not very happy but trying to lose weight and live life. #Hypothyroidism #PCOS #Perimenopause #CFS #Insomnia #BrainFog

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For those with chronic illness about to embark on the perimenopausal journey, be advised it’s going to be okay in the end. So far what’s helped my hot flashes a bit is reducing coffee and alcohol. The bonus so far for me is that my migraines, for the first time in my life, aren’t as severe or long lasting which has saved me a ton of money. My periods are crazy erratic and trip off my fibromyalgia symptoms every time but at some point I know they’ll disappear. The first few months my brain fog was nuts, find a post it or reminder system that works for you now while your brain works. The mood swings are not cool, I’m on a cocktail of two antidepressants and a mood stabilizer to keep as even as possible. But it’s manageable. You’re probably also going to forget stuff that came as naturally as breathing to you and you’ll wonder if you’re getting early onset Alzheimer’s (I talked to my doctor I was so anxious) but it is also part of it, and it went away for me.

I’d encourage anybody feeling the need to talk to your doctor, specialist, ob/gynecologist or whatever licensed practitioner to figure out a plan to keep you functional, go to the doctor(s) you trust.

Hang in there!

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The Baby and the Butterfly

<p>The Baby and the Butterfly</p>
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#Fibromyalgia & perimenopause

I'm sure a good many woman (afab) have dealt with this. Did some of your fibro symptoms become worse? What worked for you?
I feel like my body is stuck in wet cement. And the fog is I have so much I would like to do but know if I push through it I will be so much worse later on. Really don't want to look at a screen for hours on end and definitely can't sleep all day and night. There is no actual motivation due to the sluggish feeling.

#Fibromyalgia #FibroFog #Perimenopause

Community Voices
Community Voices

Perimenopause #

I'm pretty sure I'm in menopause due to my symptoms and my age(45). All of the symptoms bother me some, especially the hot flashes, but my monthly , which is erratic about kills me with my depression and anxiety. My cycle ramps everything thing up until I feel like I need a medication change. It's much more severe depression and anxiety as well as terrible irritability, tearfulness, and intense pain and fatigue. My regular provider prescribed low estrogen birth control pills. My psychiatrist says I might not want to take them because it might make things worse. I'm already on several antidepressants and anxiety meds. My thyroid is a little out of whack, but I am taking meds for that as well. I just don't know what route to take. Any advice?
#Perimenopause #Depression #Anxiety

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Perimenopause #Perimenopause , #Crazy , #HormoneReplacementTherapy , hormones

Is there a perimenopause group on the Mighty? I know there's a few private ones on FB, but I quit FB. Anyone else feel like their losing their minds while going through this or have spouses going through it?

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Having a hard time sleeping extremely painful time of month cause didn’t have it in 4 months perio menopause and pcos not fun plus having a hard time

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