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I just ordered a coffin for my fur baby who’s still alive

I feel so incredibly awful today. My 13-year-old American Staffordshire terrier is really unwell. She’s recently been diagnosed with severe hip displaysia and spinal bridging, and her cognitive status has gone dramatically downhill in the last two weeks. I’ve come to the point of the ultimate cost-benefit analysis - her quality of life versus ... *cries quietly* putting her to sleep. I picked a spot in the yard, but because of all the tree roots I messaged a nearby neighbor who has an excavating company to help dig a hole. I found a biodegradable wood coffin on Etsy and ordered it.
My dog is still alive.
I feel like such a complete ... d*ck doesn’t even fit how awful I feel. I don’t want Xandia to suffer, but I keep weighing it against “We didn’t put Grandma to sleep!” She’s not “all there” right now - I catch glimpses of the dog she was, but ...
I literally haven’t slept more than two hours per night for more than a week. I’m insomniac anyway, but I’m somewhere near psychosis from lack of sleep - I dream while awake and I’m hearing things. I’ve been staying with her in the living room at night to take her outside when she wakes up suddenly. If I don’t catch her in time it triggers a seizure and it’s like a combination of Old Faithful and the Trevi fountain. After three nights of washing dog beds I learned to sleep lightly.
So - add #MDD #Dysthymia to the mix and my life is ... indescribably bad in conjunction with #2020 and the #pandemic . I’d really rather stay in pjs all day curled up with stuffies, but I work from home and have to at least appear productive.
#Lifesucks #whenwillthealiensabductme #CanIDieNow #Depression #Dysthymia #deathsucks #furbabies #stuffies #Pjs #2020sucks

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Self-care PJ's Box Delivery #Treat #Selfcare

My monthly Treat has arrived and I didn't even know it was coming I'm that forgetful 🤷‍♀️

It's a PJ's box that comes once every 2 months full of self care products as well.

I'm happy it has my favourite Pillow Spray sweet dreams.
I've never tried this one but I love essential oils and I use them to help me sleep or at least try to 😁lavender and chamomile. Mm mm
I use the creams and other sprays I've had in other care boxes
Its lovely to get surprises to unwrap. .
It reminds me to look after myself better and the products I wouldn't buy in a shop.
Its nice to try new things, treat yourself sometimes. Love yourself.
🎁🎀😁❤ #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #PsoriaticArthritis #52SmallThings #Bekindtoyourself #Kindness #SweetDreams #Pjs #ChronicPain #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #warrior #Love #Family