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People who don’t believe Masks/Vaccine

Sorry for the vent that’s about to come unfortunately this community is about the only thing I have to talk to and to understand me most days.
When I got sick my friends and family slowly disappeared. Then you had the years before Biden.
I think it was difficult to keep our political opinions quiet. I lost friends and family members well you can’t lose them (unfortunately) but ug you just avoid those conversations and them as much as possible. Now it’s Covid, mask mandates and the Vaccine.
Reason for this rant. I have family members who don’t believe in wearing masks. I have relatives and friends who don’t want to take the vaccine.
I am immunocopromised. So it makes me angry, really angry.
They also have children, they as parents don’t believe in wearing masks so then the children follow and do the same as the parents. So if the children g-d forbid got Covid it’s on the parents. Ignorance. Smh.
So now as much as I love my nieces and nephews I have to avoid seeing them and any family member who doesn’t wear a mask. I already felt quarantined in my life when I got sick. Now I feel I am further isolating myself. Anyone else having these issues with family? #COVID19 #mask #Immunocompromised #quarantined #Vaccine #RheumatoidArthritis #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness

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I don’t know...


This wk 7 of being #quarantined , I got off to a rocky start. 🙈 I’m feeling sad and tired and just ...blah.
Gotta focus. 😖I wanna cry and I want to be in the safety of my covers. 😔 Got a #PanicAttack mid morning. My emotions, they’re all over the place🤦🏻‍♀️. I don’t like my kids to see me disengaged. 😏


Living well while #quarantined

I was wondering whether I am the only one who feels that very few things have changed during #quarantine . Most people around me act with hysteria, claiming this is unfair, it is the end of the world or on the other hand, not taking it seriously and finding ways to go out of their houses bc they say they are bored all day home. I guess, most people take for granted the ability to go outside, hang out on everyday basis etc so now that they are forced to stay home, they find it strange and uncomfortable. As for me, my bad days are still as bad as they used to be (for details, check out my posts) and my good days shine bright just like they did in the past. I take time to take care of myself, think about the future and stress less. I live alone so social distancing hasn't been bad for me. I kinda like the quarantine. Is anyone feeling this way ?#COVID19 #quarantinelife #SocialDistancing

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Anyone have any funny movies they like?? #quarantined

Been off work for 2 weeks trying to find some good or funny movies to watch while housebound.....

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Sick and Quarentined

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for many years, and when this pandemic started it really has affected me but the one thing I had was my husband and daughter to pass the time with while we sheltered in place. Sunday everything changed, though. I got sick. I woke up with a 103 fever, terrible headache, cough, and so much body pain. I was tested for Covid 19 and I have it, so now I am isolated alone in my room. It's the worst. I want them to stay healthy, so I get it, but it's so lonely, all alone in my bedroom.
#Depression #quarantined #COVID19 #ihavetheplague


Antidepressants Withdrawal Day 4

I feel awful. I don't know if it is due to the #withdrawal effects or just my regular #Depression worsened by the fact the I am currently living my worst nightmare: being #quarantined with my toxic and invalidating parents. I woke up completely dissociated feeling like nothing was real. As the day went on, my head has started aching a bit and my stomach still hurts from yesterday but I feel the urge to binge eat. I haven't felt the impulse to make myself throw up so that's an improvement. Anyway, my parents found out that I haven't been taking my meds so I will probably restart taking #desvenlafaxine today. Just a lower dosis than regular. Not sure if it's the greatest idea tho.


#SocialDistancing #quarantined #Medication #Anxiety

I am at witts end with my doctor and the weird office regulations and limitations related to medications. I am taking 3 different medications (all scheduled medications) and asked the doctor to post-date the 3 rx due next week and the following week, to which I was denied this request (precious doctors never minded this). I asked the doctor’s office to do this so that I could ensure minimal outside exposure and reduce having to make extra trips/run around town in the upcoming weeks to fill my regular monthly prescriptions when I stopped in the office the past Monday. I was told that I shouldn’t worry, and filling meds (picking up the rx from their office, taking it to the pharmacy, and waiting for it to be filled and then picked up) won’t be a big deal and the virus outbreak shouldn’t affect me (??? wtf!!!)...

*** So my question for everyone out there with meds needing to be filled individually each month, how are you managing the need of filling your prescriptions while really trying to not leave the house and follow general quarantine guidelines and suggestions? my pharmacy suggested I get my meds delivered if the service isn’t interrupted due to the virus outbreak (but I still need to physically pick up two rx from my doctor’s office and drop off the rx’s to the pharmacy)....

Here is some background info about me, my mental health, the meds I take, and more to put in perspective how meds are super important to my health and functioning:

My social anxiety, GAD, and panic disorder have been heightened lately of course due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak and general health fears but also because I am a new mama of a 5 month old and am worrying about his well-being during this time... and while I deal with some other stressors/issues alongside processing one of my family member’s recent diagnosis of severe MS, my anxiety really has increased to a point where it’s almost dibilitating, and my panic attacks have come back after being under control for about 6 years...

my doctor and I spoke about this and we made medication changes to help during this time. last month, though, it took me 5 different calls to the office to remind them and follow up with the staff to fax over one of my medications to my pharmacy which ended up being faxed over incorrectly with the wrong dose (an old dosage from months ago). being days after the refill was due and the stress of chasing down my rx, I just filled it at that point out of panic and frustration.

some other background info: I live in Chicagoland/high-population Illinois, and most businesses have asked people to work from home; schools have closed; general quarantine is highly recommended at this time.

That being said, as the virus and case count progresses, I am going to want to ensure my family and I stay at home and self-distance ourselves. Late next week and the following week, I have 3 medications to refill and pick up, all of which are scheduled it’s date of refill restrictions; 2 need to be phys