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These days pt#2

I haven’t seen my mom for over a year , she has not been feeling well for the past few weeks and I worry so. She took a Covid test and it came back negative thankfully but she is till not back to being 100%. My part of town is now back in the extreme risk category , I wonder when/ if another full lock down will happen.
The incidents of racism towards
The racism towards the Asian community torment me . Every day the violence continues ... my mom lives in the Bay Area I made her promise me she would not go out . I’m lucky I live where I live as people for the most part are friendly but you can’t let your guard down fully.
I had a job a couple of months ago, I accepted the position so I could save money to help my mom out as she has income besides unemployment ,and save money to pay for tuition but it ended up being toxic . They let me go after a couple of weeks making up excuses and reasons to justify their decision , I feel like on a certain level it based on unconscious bias and descrimination they burned me and It totally screwed me up and I ended up failing a class trying to make the effort to meet their needs , in short I wasn’t able to
Meet the requirements to graduate on time . I need to find income to so I can come back and finish up my remaining credit , just makes me so angry how people are and how they can be. #COVID19 #quarentine #quarentinethoughts


These days pt 1 #COVID l#quarentinethoughts #Isolationmode

Lately I’ve been in a funk . I just have no motivation to do anything , I feel like my days consist of eating puttering around and sleeping . There’s
Much to do and plan for and nothing ever gets done . Last summer at the start of quarentine the days seemed to drag on an on and trying to find enough things to do was difficult and now it just doesn’t seem as if there are enough hours in the day . I’m torn between wanting to connect with others and hiding away from the world. I have been alone for a year through all this ... thought I was handling everything pretty well but I guess I’m sadder and angrier than I realized .

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Keeping busy- journaling as therapy

I’m getting more used to being isolated these days , I’ve tapping into new skills I thought I never had like drawing . I’ve been finding these really cool pictures of different types of moths and have been falling in love with Luna moths .... gorgeous ! Not only do they possess this sort of ethereal beauty but I really like their symbolism-
Birth, regeneration , and transformation . They live a short life ( 1 wk) I read and they don’t eat but they reproduce ... I like how one article attested that “ you can say their main purpose is to love.” In the darkest nights they are drawn to the moon and light . Pretty fitting theme these days I think . #lunamoth #quarentine #quarentinethoughts #Loveandlight #quarentinedoodles #ArtTherapy

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Lockdown tips for anxiety and panic disorder?? (What can I do to help my mind)

Lately my Anxiety has been on a bit of a downward spiral and my inspiration for writing and creating content has really been pushed out of the picture. My routine is completely out of the window and I just can’t get it back...plus Everything is online now (all my college work etc.) so migraines are on the uprise and my eyesight is suffering because of this... I was wondering what has everyone been up to during lockdown life to keep their mental health in check a little, because right now I really need some tips 😫😂💖
#MentalHealth #Lockdown #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #PanicDisorder #College #COVID19 #quarentinethoughts #AnxietyTips #boredom #Inspiration


Quarantine Anxiety

Found out we’re still gonna be on quarantine and even though we’re “better then we were 6 weeks ago” we still have to take pre cautions, which I agree with. But this shit is giving me such anxiety tonight I could cry. #Anxiety #quarentinethoughts


Quarantine craziness

I don’t think I can do this much longer, I can’t. I feel trapped...I can’t handle being with my family anymore. I can’t, I’m stuck on repeat...wake up..eat..watch tv all day in bed...and bed. Then all over again, this pandemic has ruined my job opportunity. At least I was getting away from my family with that, idk what to do, I’m so bored and annoyed of them. Small house so I can’t exactly go anywhere other then my room, and it’s been to cold to just sit outside.. idk what to do. This is severely affecting my mental health. Can’t do anything about it because none of my family cares. #quarentinethoughts #pandemic #lost #tired #help