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Newbie Hi I am Jacqueline Harding and live in the U .K . I look forward to meeting you all

My original dx was rheumatoid arthritis now Dr thinks it may all be fibromyalgia . I also have Chron's colitis , Costcocronditis # rib pain I also have a heart condition S.V.T #rapid heartbeats. # any help please .❤️


SCREW the damn it doll. The other (shoe) fell, but it was a boot filled with cement.

Several posts ago aprox. Jan. I posted about my grandson bolting out of a van, going across a major street. He tried to get into someone's home then proceeded to pull down all their Christmas lights. Ran into the back yard hitting the sliding glass door with a large stick. On the other side of that door sat a 98 year old grandmother. The police were called and he was Baker acted obviously and then brought back to the facility where he lives. When things like this occur big or small the facility where he lives always pays for all the damages and then some. The person who lives in the home DID NOT press charges. Today I received a call from the APD woman and my grandson's BA. Apparently (the state) is charging my grandson with trespassing and reckless endangerment. The APD was the one who was served it gives no other info. except that they are to appear in court. That's when we will find out who the state's attorney is and possibly find out who the state is representing.
Obviously somebody called the state and reported it. Possibly a relative or a neighbor she spoke with. Even though she didn't want to press charges someone else did!? WTF
I never knew that could be done. Now they have to hire an attorney for him.
Has anybody ever heard of this before? I'm still in a state of shock that somebody else could do this.

# Autism
#rapid cycling bipolar
#Hearing impaired
#mentally challenged
#psychotic behaviors
#self -mutilating


How can I help a #friend #coworker who seems #depressed and is #isolating herself.

She #discarded me as a #friend many months ago when she entered a #rapid #relationship and got #married . Now she seems more and more #Upset and #depressed , #isolating herself in her office, no conversations with anyone. All of us in office are very concerned.

#Controlling #Toxic #relationship

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