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Help with work anxiety

:) I am at a new job and usually struggle to find or keep employment, so far everyone is nice and the training is better than at other places, but guess don’t want to feel alone in my struggles hiding my mental health at the workplace, maybe eventually I can reach out for help if they are accommodating, they offer some mental health supports partnerships so I’m incredibly lucky. Thanks for any tips and sharing your own story or struggles with work anxiety.

😊🙂🙂💕🙏 💼



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Am I Overreacting?

I feel like I spoke a bit too soon with my previous post. Now I feel like an outsider in my own group. Recently, my female coworker and friend/boss have confessed their feelings for each other and have used out group chat to make sexual jokes and share memes about being in the military. Being a civilian, I can't really join in when they joke and tease each other about being in their respective branches and all their flirting and teasing each other just feels like they're rubbing it in my face. They'll mention me to get my attention but most of the time I don't feel like I have anything to contribute to the conversation and just stay quiet or react to what they say. Most if the time they are communicating in a separate chat for just them and I feel like there's no point to be in a group chat since it's mostly talking to each other anyways. I don't know if it's just mental illness related paranoia but I feel like I'm getting pushed out of the group.

When my boss/friend and I first got my female coworker, my boss/friend and I had a lot if inside jokes since we were close. Feeling bad and not wanting her to feel left out, I introduced her to the things we joked about so she could feel included. This of course lead to them growing closer and developing feelings for each other.

My female coworker keeps reassuring that they both still care about me but I feel so alone and left out that it's starting to sound more mocking than reassuring. Am I overreacting? 😕 #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ParanoidThoughts #Coworkers #Friendship #Depression #Anxiety #Jealousy #MentalHealth


Is a #pwbpd prone to #isolate at #Work ?

#coworker with diagnosed #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Borderline arrives at work in morning, shuts herself in office with door closed, doesn’t come out to say #Goodmorning to #Coworkers. #nocontact whatsoever for most of day.

Could this be a trait of coexistant #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder as well?


Inadequate #Ableism #Inadequate #Coworkers #tryingtobepositive

That moment when you’re a spoonie and you overhear another coworker bragging that no matter how sick she is she toughs it out... sometimes my autoimmune issues make me feel so inadequate


DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL?! #Work #Coworkers

Am i taking it personal or is this something else?
I know no matter where i work, there's going to be 1 or more coworkers i wont like or get along with. What i am not understanding is how to handle it without it irritating me and making me feel miserable all day, every work day for as long as i have to work. What do you do when being polite, being direct, avoiding,1on1 meetings, & reporting the issues doesn't solve the problem? You can quit, but the next job may the same or worse.