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#Migraine ping-pong

I woke up with a migraine. I don't have any Excedrin, and I've developed a tolerance to sumatriptan. So that left me with 2 options: Percocet or tramadol

I took 2 Percocet. The migraine went away after about an hour. I had 3 hours of relief. Then...

It came back. So I took 2 more Percocet. I feel absolutely miserable today. I took them maybe 10 minutes ago so they haven't kicked in yet. Of course if you know anything about Percocet, it's got a high chance of rebound migraine. So my brain is a squishy mess.

I'm sipping on some coffee and resting in front of my fan cuz OMG it's a very hot day. I had to go outside 3 times. I just want to stay on my bed and veg.

#CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #Roughday

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Hey everyone! Rough stomach day today as usual. But I’m trying to remain hopeful! Here’s my daily affirmation in case anyone else needs to hear it!☺️ #stomachillness #Undiagnosed #chroniccondition #Roughday #nausea #Vomiting

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Stuck in a rut #Depression #Fibromyalgia #COVID19

I had COVID about three weeks ago now and I’m back at work but I’m losing my energy and I am a caregiver which is not good, I need my strength and energy to do my job. I’m taking all the supplements you should be taking but nothing is bringing it back up. I had to take work off yesterday because I had no strength at all and my client that day needed me to have strength to lift and support her so for safety I called off and slept all day till 530pm.
My insurance doesn’t cover my antidepressant so I’m out of that and been off of it for a few days now. I’m starting the withdrawals and it’s not fun. The depression is just hitting me like a wave.

Im just here to vent and talk to people I know will understand. Thanks for reading. #Roughday

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Today has been a #Roughday . Not just for me.. but, my kids. We buried my Bampi (grandpa) because #neglect in a #hospitalexposed him and he had #noimmunesystem . Instead of him getting help and coming home to turn 81... he ended up in #Hospice and #lost before his birthday in October... dying younger than his mom did.
This man helped my Nanny (grandma) raise me. We weren't the closest... but, he was #theonlyconsistentmaleinmylife , besides my Uncle.
My oldest was #connectedtohiship and is #nowlost . He is a #sensorykid and an #empath . He knew something was not right way before I told the kids.
Try explaining to a 3yo that wants to give Bampi hugs and kisses knowing he likely doesn't feel well because of dialysis or sugar issues and just want to love on him to make him feel better. #Tryexplaining to him why he can't do any of those things, or see him any more, because simply saying he is taking a peaceful long nap doesn't work.
Hearing a 7yo #specialboy wanting to bring his camera along the ride. Sure. Then, when we get to the funeral, #ithithomehard . He left his camera in the car. Later, while I am trying to explain to the 3yo why he can't see Bampi and that he is napping... the 7yo chimes in... and because he is dead. This is why I left my camera in the car. I wanted to take a picture with him and show him my camera. 💯💔🥺😭
Sometimes... #realitysucks .
#UntilWeMeetAgain #reincarnationexisits

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Sorry for all the post today.

Trying to keep busy, so I baked some banana muffins and scrubbed the kitchen floors.
#Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD #PTSD #Roughday


Today is hard #Roughday

It was hard to get out of bed today. Pain is high and meds are making me drowsy and dizzy. I have to go to work and put on a smile and fake it. Need a hug!


Unable to push through

Having an extremely rough day. Don't even have the energy to make something to eat. But yet I have to go to work for a couple hours tonight. Trying to figure out how I'm going to make something to eat and work on some dishes. But my spoonie level is really low. An atom of the fact that I live on the second floor in apartment building is not helping. Having to do a voice typing today because I'm in so much pain.

#Spoonie #Roughday