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Take your medicine

The number of people who don't believe in taking medicine... 🫠 I get it, sorta. You do you.
The number of people who don't believe in taking medicine for their mental health though, completely numbs my mind. Like. How do you expect to feel better when you have a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE IN YOUR BRAIN? You can not "just get over it", "just ignore it", "just avoid it". You literally have something wrong with your chemistry. Medicine is NOT the ONLY answer. Therapy, lifestyle changes,'s a whole package deal.
Coming from someone who has struggled with mental health since 13(my father dieing triggered depression...) and wasn't medicated til 17...and wasn't PROPERLY medicated til about 6 years ago, let me tell you what an absolute difference it makes on your life. I'm still a dumpster fire with a long way to go but I was a raging 2 acre landfill fire before.
It is not shameful to take a pill or 5 every day. It is not shameful to see a therapist. It is a chemical imbalance. Something is actually wrong with you. Like any other chronic illness. You got fibromyalgia? High blood pressure? Kidney disease? Erectile dysfunction? You take meds for those. It's no different.
The one med you tried didn't work? Guess what? It's a game. You have to try different ones because until they come up with an affordable, widely available blood test that tells you exactly what you should take, you won't know what works for you til you experiment like a junkie. Asking your friends is also useless. Their chemistry is not your chemistry. Their issues may seem similar but how your brain processes them is not.
The most frustrating thing about mental illness is that it takes time and effort to get to a point where YOU are happy with where you are with how you feel. But you have to be your own advocate. You have to build your own team. That takes time. That takes effort. That takes spoons you may not have, but I promise you, it's worth it to not feel like you want to unalive yourself every day or like the world is out to get you.
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Medication isn’t working #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #SchizoaffectiveDisorder

I was diagnosed with schizoaffective in 2021, and I take invega but that doesn’t seem to be enough. I already tried seroquel and that did nothing and haldol doesn’t seem to be helping either. I’d love to hear your input and which antipsychotics have worked for you :)

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What does Paranoid Personality Disorder Feel Like?

When you have PPD, you have trouble getting along with others and significant difficulty maintaining close relationships. Your inappropriate and excessive hostility and suspicious attitude may manifest in recurrent arguments, hostile indifference, or social detachment.

Since you're always on the lookout for potential threats, you will behave in a secretive way that could appear devious. Others may begin to see you as cold and unfeeling. You have a deep need for self-sufficiency and feel you must exert a high level of control over others. Your combative and suspicious attitude will likely eventually cause others to respond with hostility to you as well. This only serves to reinforce your imagined suspicions and distrust.

Paranoid personality disorder causes sufferers to exhibit an enduring pattern of inner thoughts, feelings, and external behaviors that fall well outside societal norms. #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder #ADHD #Autism #AspergersSyndrome #BipolarDisorder #EatingDisorders #Schizophrenia #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #AnorexiaNervosa #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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Am I an Enabler or a Facilitator??

As a mom to a 42 yr old adult son living in the home with schizoaffective disorder compounded by generalized anxiety I struggle being consistent with how to help him. I am nearly 70 with some health issues (mainly mobility & pain). I do not want to look back & believe I should have expected more from him in some of the basis areas of self sufficiency. Typically I am an enabler who has a little bit of resentment towards my son because I am emotionally (& some physically) exhausted trying to figure "can he do more"? His reclusiveness & desire to be with me (because he doesn't want to have social relationships) is smothering. Finding affordable housing is not easy in a small town but I am now searching & praying God will open a door if this is what's best. Thanks...I just wanted to get this off my chest!!

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Why do I still have schizoaffective symptoms if I’m on medication?

I take several medications for my schizoaffective disorder. These medicines make it so that i can get out of bed and do things most people do. But there are times when I still get symptoms like hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. People often wonder “how do you still have schizophrenia symptoms if you take medicine. Shouldn’t you be cured?”

The truth is schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder have no cure, they are chronic brain conditions that can be treated but symptoms can still come on with stress, lack of sleep etc. You wouldn’t ask someone with diabetes who takes insulin why they still get high blood sugar.

My medicine works for me quite well. I’m able to clean and cook and live a pretty happy life, but this condition will not go away. I will need to most likely take medication for it for the rest of my life. It would be amazing if medication took away all my symptoms all the time but I accept that there will be times that are more difficult than others and that is why I have to be diligent with my health. #Schizophrenia #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #MentalHealth

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