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What is one thing you wished Emergency Responders knew when arriving to help you? #Selfharm #SuicideAttempt #Trauma #Abuse #Addiction

What is the one thing, or greatest thing, you wished Emergency Responders knew when they arrived at your living quarters to help you? What are the most important statements and approaches you would suggest Emergency Responders use when assisting and caring for you when you are in a dark place and need help?
#SuicidalIdeation #SuicidalThoughts #Selfharm #Selfhate #Trauma #Abuse #badlove #sensitivity


#Anxiety #sensitivity

I often feel alone though I try very hard to make friends and keep them. Many times I go out of my way for others. These people many times do little to reciprocate. Many times I feel some people take my overtures for granted. I feel they just expect me to do things. And I know or I think I know a big reason for their lack of desire in doing things for me in return is because of my anxiety.
Then there are those who really don’t seem to mind my anxiety. These people many times I can’t handle being around without getting upset by what I see as rudeness or lack of respect. I am very sensitive to their behaviors though many times they mean no harm. But, still, I am affected.

Though married, many times my husband does his own thing. I think he does the best he can. He feels he helps me by being a good provider. He stays to himself because I think that is the way he is happiest and also it is hard for him to talk at times. I know listening to me can be taxing. We did a lot of talking when we dated . But, fast forward to now- it rarely happens.

So, I light candles and listen to soft music when I feel alone. It helps me to find peace. And offers me the calm being around good friends used to when I was younger- when I did not have the issues I do now.


Am I just "too sensitive" like my parents claim?

They often times make "jokes" about how I need to talk less, ask if I have an off button, my stepmom has referred to me as my dad's "scamming daughter", my dad has told me I'm easy to make fun of and my stepmom has told me before that she can't blame all the families issues on me anymore because there were still arguments despite me not living with them anymore. She makes "jokes" also saying to go play in traffic or about locking me in a closet with duct tape on my mouth but when I get upset they tell me all parents make jokes like that, that I'm too sensitive and need to lighten up and stop taking things so seriously. They also claim I'm mentally ill if I get mad at them yet they also think I "subconsciously fake" issues. I don't know how to feel about this because I've heard this is emotional abuse. Are they right though? #pleaseanswer #EmotionalAbuse #Parents #sensitivity #personal


how do you explain to others that your feelings are right at the surface and things that don’t seem important or critical are?



Is anyone here emotionally sensitive?

It kills me to see someone upset, so I have to help them in the best way possible. #sensitivity

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Has anyone ever experienced severe allergic reactions due to fumes of something being cooked in your home or residence without eating it?

When my roommates cook a specific food, I end up having a severe reaction. I get throat closing sensations, extreme mucous production, nausea and vomiting, itchy skin, trouble breathing, and a whole slew of other symptoms. I saw doctors who thought I was crazy or who wrote off my experiences despite them resulting in me passing out and getting closer to a point of no return than I'd ever hope to be. Studies say fumes from foods can cause anaphylaxis. #Anaphylaxis #allergy #Asthma #Food #reaction #believepatients #sensitivity #SensoryOverload #allergicreaction #ChronicIllness #whoknew