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    What To Do Before Allergy Testing | is a renowned website that assists you in what to do before allergy testing. An allergy test is an exam performed by a trained allergy specialist to determine whether your body has an allergic reaction to a known substance. For further details, please get in touch with us.

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    Are you Lactose Intolerant? Have you ever had a unique situation Where, When & How?

    It's weird how when you have a mental illness like autism or bpd, adhd you are in most cases allergic to certain foods including cow's milk. My situation happened to me at school while in the lunchroom when I was in the 10th Grade. No one knew what happened, so I walked fast like Mr. Bean to the principal's office to call my mom to pick me up. And don't you hate when everyone is trying to stop and talk to you during an emergency situation. The funny thing is that milk never bothered me until that day. Now in days I drink Oat Milk! #allergy #BPD #ADHD #MentalIllness

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    Side effects

    I was considering using the nasal spray past the 2 weeks but then a side effect that happened before happened again so I didn’t bother. Woke up a few times last night though, and struggled to sleep. Doctors appointment next week.

    Today my eyes have been causing the issues though. Things were alright up until nighttime, when they are in a lot of pain.

    I ironically bought new eye drops today, which have so far proven to be next to useless. Gave me less than half an hour of partial relief. Did two “doses” in 2 hours, and ended up using my old ones which were much better but still not 100% effective, so I know my eyes are worse than normal.

    I got different eye drops from the last ones because they were slightly cheaper and had a longer usage on them (6 months vs 3 months), but I wish I had just got the normal ones.

    I wonder if the sudden increase in pain is a side effect of the increase in my medication, or perhaps a delayed side effect to the decongestants I was on (I searched online for reasons why it may be worse in hopes of having some sort of idea).

    The thing that does suck is that because my eyes burn when using eye drops with preservatives in, my selection of eye drops is narrowly reduced and all are expensive! So my hope of trying to essentially half the cost was costly and I can’t decide whether to keep trying with them or just buying some more again.

    Oh in other news, I’ve been in pain with my ear again and it has the same sensation as it did just before my ear infection so I’m a bit “uhhh” about that, just hoping it’s the cold/bug I’m coming down with (yes, despite wearing a mask all the time I still managed to get one apparnetly so I feel a little rough).

    Just another day in my life though. How is everyone else?

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    Medication allergy and #Autism

    Just ended up with a second medication I’m allergic to in under a week. Is there anything worse than being an itchy mess when you have touch sensory issues?!?
    #Autism #allergy #itchy

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    #allergy #Asthma , Opinions?

    I wasn't sure whether to place this here or in the forum related to asthma so I tagged it in both.So, I live in a household of smokers, specifically marijuana. When they smoke, often I can feel my chest tighten/pressure, I cough, my eye will either dry or water, sneeze at times and get a headache and/or migraine. (Obviously I am going to speak to the doctor the next chance I get but I wanted some opinions) Does this sound like an allergy? Am I developing asthma? Could it be both?


    Allergy testing

    I had an ENT Dr appt today. Was told to go back Jan 8th for allergy testing. I have no idea what that consists of entirely. I am already nervous. I am also worried because I am going to have to stop some of my psych meds, including the ones that help make me sleep. #allergy


    why is it this way? #Depression #PTSD #SleepDisorders #sciatica #allergy

    I am in my early 30s. Married for coming to 8 years. My husband pop the question when I am in the most difficult stage of my life. Went I am seeing a psychiatrist and still getting used and trying out all the medications and trying to see which medication suits me best. I had a change of psychiatrist 5 years ago and I got to say this doctor is much better than the previous, he encourages me and listens to what I rant to him everytime I sees him. At times I do pity my doctor. 😔 I am job hunting now as I am being asked to leave my previous job due to the company is closing down. I am so traumised by it. I am making so much money for the company (as I am their Business Development Manager). I am hitting 2-3 times their target they have set for me. And... just a word from my boss that they cant afford the increment of rent anymore so that have to shut the business. I am so upset. I cried and cried after I was told about it. As this is the 2nd time it had happened to me. I cried late at night and in the shower, when my husband is not by my side. I dont want him to get all worry about me.

    Staying home all day doest help me at all on somedays I got to admit. Though I have pets at home and they do keep me accompany, but I just want to get back to work. I tried sending in resumes and I did not get any respond back.

    I am asking myself, if I ever land on a full time job, can I wake up on time? Can I take the long travelling hours?

    My lower back and knee is giving me problems ever now and then. I am feeling ao frustated about it. And whenever I am in deep thoughts, my migraine will be back to huant me.

    PTSD sucks and I am a childhood abuse surviver I would say. Flashbacks will happen when I am sleeping and I will always wake up not feeling rested at all.

    I cut off contacts with my family as I know they are not good for my mental health ( it took me a lot of courage to do so ) I got no one now, except my husband.

    I kept telling him that I am job hunting and he keeps telling me to go easy and stop giving myself those invisible pressure.

    I hate the feeling of him supporting me. I just want to be on my own 2 feet.

    At times, I really feel like ending my life. Everything seems so numb and such a pain for me.

    I seldom leave my house. Only when my husband is with me. If not I will be at home doing some household chores (if I had the energy for the day )

    Somehow, I miss the old me, when I could do everything on my own. The independent me.

    depression sucks the energy out of me. anxiety is really killing me. sleep disorder is driving me mad. PTSD is driving me nuts.



    Latex is everywhere, and I’m allergic to it #Latexallergy #allergy #Allergies #FoodAllergies #Latexfruitsyndrome

    When I was 5 months old, I had my first allergic reaction. My face got a rash and was swollen.

    As I got older, I continued having these reactions to different things: the mats I slept on in day care, the basketballs in gym class, the tarps on the bottom of tents, water balloons, regular latex balloons, stage makeup, even raw potato and banana, and that’s just the short list.

    For the longest time we couldn’t figure out what was going on until one night, I was sleeping in a tent in the backyard. I woke up with hives down both my arms, my face was super swollen, and my eyes were almost swollen shut. I was taken to the ER where they said they believed I was allergic to latex.

    Since then, I have gotten so much worse. Latex allergies are progressive meaning they get worse over time and each exposure poses a threat of a potential anaphylactic reaction.

    When I was first diagnosed, I had to touch the object containing latex in order to react. A few years ago, I became airborne. This means that I would react to the latex particles in the air. However, I would have a delayed reaction meaning I would have the exposure and then react usually the next day.

    I’ve gotten even worse. I am now at a point where if there is any latex particles around me, I will react in MINUTES. My face will get very swollen, sometimes my lips will swell too. I am fortunate that I have never gone into anaphylactic shock. However, I must be cautious because at any point, my allergy could cause an anaphylactic reaction.

    On the note of latex, there is also something called latex fruit syndrome. Natural rubber latex shares some similar proteins with certain fruits, veggies, and nuts. This means many people with latex allergies will also have an allergy to one or more foods on the LFS (latex fruit syndrome) list. There are many foods on the list. The one most of us are allergic to is avocado. In fact, when I was diagnosed with my allergy, I was told to stay away from avocado completely. I also have an allergy to raw potato (the proteins in them get diluted when cooked which is why I can eat them once cooked) and banana. I can’t touch raw potato and I can’t touch or eat banana. My face will swell in a matter of minutes.

    This allergy is so tricky because latex is everywhere and there is very limited information and research out there on latex allergies. Those of us with the allergy are constantly on guard. We are always having to advocate for ourselves and our community. We have to contact companies to make sure their products are safe. We have to miss out on important events because we can’t risk a reaction. Something as simple as a kid across the street with a balloon could put me into a reaction and even send me to the ER if it got bad enough.

    Every time I have a reaction, I have to go on a week’s course of steroids to stop it. It’s frustrating and it’s scary.

    I hope reading this has helped educate others on how bad this allergy is. Please, spread the word.


    Has anyone ever experienced severe allergic reactions due to fumes of something being cooked in your home or residence without eating it?

    When my roommates cook a specific food, I end up having a severe reaction. I get throat closing sensations, extreme mucous production, nausea and vomiting, itchy skin, trouble breathing, and a whole slew of other symptoms. I saw doctors who thought I was crazy or who wrote off my experiences despite them resulting in me passing out and getting closer to a point of no return than I'd ever hope to be. Studies say fumes from foods can cause anaphylaxis. #Anaphylaxis #allergy #Asthma #Food #reaction #believepatients #sensitivity #SensoryOverload #allergicreaction #ChronicIllness #whoknew