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#Depression #Bipolar1Disorder #TemporalLobeEpilepsy #Anxiety

I will NOT give up! I’ve been battling bpd1, temporal lobe epilepsy, depression and anxiety since I was 17 I’m 32 now. Hospitalizd 8 times. Therapist twice a week for a year and NOW we (there are several of me😂) only see her once a month. Take my meds as prescribed and refuse to change it as I have been on literally everything South Africa has to offer.
I’ve been medically boarded so I sell fudge I bake myself. There is ALWAYS a way!
YES I do get my days and on those I take it easy, slowly, be kind to myself. Then....I lie down and pray that Jesus will just keep His hand over my life and help me navigate through this crazy thing called life. #pleasedontgiveup #bekindtoyourselves #youwillovercomeit #Takeitslow


Tattoos Heal

I’ve noticed that once I got my tattoo, i have lost my urge to cut, even when times get rough. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka LDS/Mormon) and the religion doesn’t believe in tattoos. However, after my experience, I feel I’m allowed this one to help me overcome it. I hope if any of you struggle with self harm and you’re LDS, I feel you won’t be judged because you get a tattoo to help yourself. #Takeitslow #Lds #ldsblogger #Tattoos