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#GoodDay #today #teletherapy #happy #grateful #ThankGod #yay

The #Psychiatric appt. I mentioned earlier was fortunately changed from a ZOOM meeting to taken place over the phone!!! I couldn't get washed & dressed cuz of the extremity of the #Pain all over my body....(#ChronicPain / of / #Fibromyalgia )......#Fate actually worked in my favor today!!!! ~ Although I count myself blessed with a lot.....i I am not a lucky person.......(been thru #hell in my #past & things still don't usually. work out for me).....But it DID turn out to be a #good day today!!! Took extra 🌼#Medicine for my appt., & the pain has lessened a bit. .....ill catch up on my #Sleep & take a nap or else help ensure myself a good night's sleep & #HOPEFULLY #TOMORROW things will still be looking up- regarding the intensity of my body pain & my #Thoughts & #attitude & #mood !!! Am shouting out a big "YAYYYY"inside for today's turn of events!!! #grateful !!!!#thanks for the messages you've sent while I was #FreakingOut before my appt...... I haven't read them yet, (was panicking a but trying to deal with getting ready for the Zoom appt........but I saw notifications pop up on the app & felt the #Love !!! Thank you for your #Support !!!!💗🙋💕💕💕💕(((((BIG-HUGS))))))!!! 💗💕💕💕


Have You Tried Therapy Through Telehealth?

So here's what I'm thinking. A lot of therapists won't even bill your insurance company because your insurance company wants too much detail about what you are being seen in therapy for so they can decide later how much of a risk you are.

Teletherapy is a great option because of the pandemic and it's certainly more needed than ever, but how can you be sure companies aren't using it to gather information about you for insurance companies? This is one instance where I would definitely feel safer meeting over unconventional teletherapy means. Has anyone heard anything about protecting patient privacy during teletherapy?

Here's some more info about telehealth and telemedicine:
#Telemedicine #teletherapy


TeleTherapy hickup #Depression #Anxiety

#teletherapy #Poem Last week had a TeleTherapy with my Psychologist. I felt really let down when she said: "Everybody is living this way" (anxious, afraid, etc). Those words just highlighted that I am really not well. I did want to tell her off, so I wrote a poem.

In the shadows of COVID-19

by Mary McCannon

The crisis is too plain to see,

It affects us all, you and me.

Anxiety is painfully heightened,

Grip of depression is tightened.

Some are living, some are dying alone,

Imagine that one of them is your own.

There is nobody to hold their hand,

This is real, I need you to understand.

Your spoken words underline

How unwell I am in this time.

At the root of my problem is you,

Feeling exactly the same, like I do.

We’ve got a lot on our plate,

This is our today, our fate.

None of us were prepared,

Yet, you just could have said:

“Emotions coming in a steady stream,

And we will keep working as a team.

But no matter who we are, or what we do,

We’re in this together, to see it through”

Budapest, 2020. April 27th