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I'm scared

My health is declining. I have days when I can't move because my stomach hurts. I have days where I am coming in and out of consciousness. Lately, my headaches have been so bad I forget my name and my vision is blurry. I have NO idea what is happening. #FreakingOut #Anxiety

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Will she be okay?? Freaking. Out.

Today my 5-year-old daughter returns to in-person learning at her school. It's a half-day model, and she is placed in the second half of the day group.

I woke up with my hands shaking. I've had two panic attacks. I'm grinding my teeth so hard I swear I'm going to get lockjaw or break a tooth. I'm sweaty and itchy but cold. I'm crying constantly. Constantly.

Even though her school has gone out of their way to make the transition and the school day as safe and clean as possible, and even though I know going back to in-person is going to be so good for her social/emotional well-being... I am feeling like a horrible horrible parent taking her to a place where she could potentially get sick. Very, very, very sick.

And I'll be taking her there almost daily.

I'm so scared I feel like I could pass out at any moment, or my fast heartbeat will turn into a massive heart attack and I will drop dead. I feel nauseated and just...

I am Freaking. Out. FREAKING OUT.

Am I doing the right thing? Am I a horrible parent? Will my daughter be

I wrote that she will over multiple pages in my journal this morning to try and calm down - and I wrote them in my "Joys" journal to put an extra good juju on the whole thing... But I can't calm down.

Check in with me, please 😢

#COVID19 #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #Parenting #scared #anxious #FreakingOut #Crying #PanicAttack #CheckInWithMe

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#GoodDay #today #teletherapy #happy #grateful #ThankGod #yay

The #Psychiatric appt. I mentioned earlier was fortunately changed from a ZOOM meeting to taken place over the phone!!! I couldn't get washed & dressed cuz of the extremity of the #Pain all over my body....(#ChronicPain / of / #Fibromyalgia )......#Fate actually worked in my favor today!!!! ~ Although I count myself blessed with a lot.....i I am not a lucky person.......(been thru #hell in my #past & things still don't usually. work out for me).....But it DID turn out to be a #good day today!!! Took extra 🌼#Medicine for my appt., & the pain has lessened a bit. .....ill catch up on my #Sleep & take a nap or else help ensure myself a good night's sleep & #HOPEFULLY #TOMORROW things will still be looking up- regarding the intensity of my body pain & my #Thoughts & #attitude & #mood !!! Am shouting out a big "YAYYYY"inside for today's turn of events!!! #grateful !!!!#thanks for the messages you've sent while I was #FreakingOut before my appt...... I haven't read them yet, (was panicking a but trying to deal with getting ready for the Zoom appt........but I saw notifications pop up on the app & felt the #Love !!! Thank you for your #Support !!!!💗🙋💕💕💕💕(((((BIG-HUGS))))))!!! 💗💕💕💕


#LittleMe here #FreakingOut

Dear friends in the distance, thank you so much for your kind comments, advices and prayers. So it hasn't been a good week for me, it has been raining all week and the governor just announced he might be closing down Puerto Vallarta for another 14 days if cases of #COVID continue to rise. I am freaking out because we haven't made enough for rent and we still owe last months. I know I'm only 15, but are the headaches normal when you have to pay for rent? Do grown people get them every month? I'm thinking of talking to my grandma and maybe she can stay with someone from church and I'll continue to work and pay for her meals and I can ask my only friend if his parents would mind letting me stay in their garage or something. I feel like a failure, all I've done has been just to delay this. I can't face my grandma, look her in the eyes and tell her this, will she cry? Will she be disappointed? Will she blame me for not doing enough? Will she be upset with me? I cannot ask her to go into a home because I need her as my legal guardian and I cannot quit school now. I need to hold on to this part of my life to keep me sane, for my sake. I feel like that movie Dear Simon, where I write to an unknown person behind their screen and just vent, hoping for a little advice on what to do with my life, our lives.


How do you deal/prepare yourself for situations that you know will be severely anxiety-ridden? #FreakingOut

When even thinking about facing the issue/conversation/situation ramps up your anxiety? I know putting this off won't help, but I feel as though I'll have a serious anxiety attack when I do.


A Color For My Emotions #Anxiety #Depression

Hi guys! I'm just feeling real depressed lately and I can't figure out if it's my meds or what... It lowkey sucks. Does anyone have tips for how to get out of this slump? I'm trying to put a color to what I'm feeling cuz I can't think of a word. I'm thinking an orangey gross anxious color with some gray...😐
#CheckInWithMe #Anxiety  #MentalHealth  #Selfharm #Depression #FreakingOut #needsomepeace #needsomelove #needachange


How to schedule twice a week therapy around a full time job?

I am a college graduate in the process of finding a full time job. I have been in therapy with the same therapist for almost 2 years. Presently, I am really struggling and my therapist has been able to see me twice a week for a while now. I am afraid that once I get a full time job, she won’t be able to see me twice a week. If she is able to fit me in once a week, I would be grateful, but I am so afraid that it will not be enough. Twice a week therapy has been helpful and I am scared to go back to only once a week. Any thoughts/advice are greatly appreciated. #Therapy #Anxiety #FreakingOut #Depression


Help during band camp & need to freak out #Anxiety #Rape

I’m in band camp right now and I’m close to freaking out and I can’t miss what we are going to do. I need to memorize my music but I’m close to crying on the floor. Help please #raped #RapeSurvivors #SexualAbuseSurvivors #SexualTrauma #SexualAbuse #FreakingOut #PTSD


I need a friend/pen pal that gets it. #BipolarDisorder #FreakingOut

Looking for someone to be able to have a connection with and non judgmental. People in my life now don’t get it. Hoping to find a friend to be able to talk to.