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Fusion VR - AR, VR and MR Company in India

Fusion VR is India’s leading Customer Focused VR, AR solutions company that is focused on helping businesses in their Digital-Transformation journeys. We handhold companies deploying the Industry suite of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) and Digital Twins (DT) technologies. We are also one of India’s leading VR / AR companies actively supporting the development and implementation of these technologies in the industrial sectors.

Fusion VR provides solutions for multi-verticals to enhance production efficiencies, eliminate Safety-Incidents, increase profitability and lead on the path to becoming a Smart Factory. Our goal as an AR & VR development company is to turn every idea into an exciting XR Product. We help in deploying AR and VR technology that ultimately delivers great Experiential-Learning and unbelievable Return-On-Investment (ROI) benefits to our clients.

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AR, VR and MR Development Company in India | Fusion VR

India’s leading AR VR MR development company. providing solutions for AI & IIoT technologies in the Chemical Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power Mining, Defense sectors.

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Virtual Crush

I’m not someone that has ever been on social media.

I despise FB, for all the well publicized reasons.

But with Nextdoor, it was different. Everyone on this site is your actual neighbor. Nextdoor has a real name and physical address policy. So I dipped in a toe.

After several months on ND, I have found myself in the unexpected position of having a crush on someone that I have never met in person!

It started with mutual admiration of each other’s posts. He posted things that made me laugh, so I tapped the smiley face or the heart symbol. I posted things to try to make him laugh, and it worked. He tapped the smiley face and the heart symbol on my postings.

Finally I took a look at his profile photo. He has the nicest eyes. A bit older than me, which I usually prefer. He described himself, and he grew up in the same area I did. So after a while of doing this, I finally dropped him a private message.

I said hey, Tom (not his real name) how ya doin’, my fellow New Yawker? He responded amicably. We texted back and forth a bit, but mostly have gone back to liking each other’s posts.

I have a real crush on this guy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at his profile photo. From his postings I can see that he lives only a couple of blocks from me. He takes pictures of things in my immediate neighborhood, so I can see he’s often right near by. I keep hoping I will run into him in the neighborhood, but how the hell do you even recognize people when everyone is wearing a mask? My profile doesn’t have my picture, so he doesn’t know what I look like. But I might still be able to recognize him just because I’m so familiar with his eyes from the picture. I have to admit it’s given me a reason to put on makeup, fix my hair and stroll the neighborhood! And that’s positive.

This is very strange to me. If It wasn’t for the coronavirus, I don’t think I would even be on ND. It’s the isolation that brought me there. I’m sure the virus has made a lot of people reach out to connect this way. Where I live we have been sheltering in place for 124 days now. It’s not fun.

Am I being silly? I don’t really know much about this guy. You do sort of get a feel for someone’s personality by reading what they post publicly over time. But for all I know, Tom could have a wife at home. Or a hundred other things. I sure don’t have any interest in married men. But then again, how much do you know about anybody, until you get to know them?

It’s just that I have never even considered the possibility of having feelings for someone I have met on the Internet, but never in person. Most peculiar, Mama, as John Lennon sang.

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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy For Phobias Article

Hey all, I wrote an article about #VirtualReality #ExposureTherapy for treating #phobias and #Anxiety . Feel free to check it out! I interviewed a #psychologist who specializes in this form of #Therapy that falls under the umbrella of #CognitiveBehaviorTherapy

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#VirtualReality I’ll start using virtual reality for pain management next week. Had successful back surgery in 2013 for scoliosis. Now my upper spine is twisting. I have pain from neck to toe. It is getting worse and the pain keeps me from almost everything I try to do. I have 2 out of every 6 hours where I am not in severe pain.

I researched VR that is used in hospitals and private practices. I contacted the manufacturer to see if I could make it work for me. I purchased the equipment and am looking forward to finding out how it works.



I was listening to a radio programme today about a hospice in Edinburgh, Scotland that are using virtual reality headsets in end of life care. The patients experience being under water swimming around a ship wreck and see a whale close up and hear whale song. The effect has been to lift depression and make individuals feel calmer and happier. Has anybody got any experience of this and has it improved their mood. And if so, can anybody recommend a virtual reality headset