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We owe it to ourselves to Be Happy #EmotionalHealth #DepressionAndMentalHealth

We become so acclimated to unhealthy situations that we stop noticing the toxicity. When that situation finally starts to go away, as it should, we rake the ground rather than rejoice. It’s almost like a drug withdraw. We should be happy we are quitting. But there we are, itching for more of the poison. When a person, in no uncertain terms, says they want to leave — let them. #toxicity #Relationships #unhealthyrelationships #Selfcare

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Why do women blaming their selves alot ?

If he wants to stay so there's no creatures in world that will take him away from you but if he wants to leave you know that you won't make him in the cage.
#unhealthyrelationships #Loneliness #VirtualReality #Quotes #Love #women #Men

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Give abit to much of myself. #unhealthyrelationships

So the picture basically describes what my past life was all about. Until my body and mind refused to take all the punches anymore and decides to fight. Which ended up into a mental breakdown. My brain needed air if I may say it that way. There’s a line when you being a good person and when you just destroying yourself slowly #Selfharm. But it’s hard to define when you all you wanna do is believe that everyone deserve your undivided attention, being the better person Or basically that’s all you know to put other before yourself #MentalHealth #peoplekind. Sometimes it takes alittle of time to realise that it could be a blessing why certain thing happen in your life. Mine would be mental breakdown, It taught me #Selflove and how to gradually stand up for myself and speak when I feel something does fit. #littlestrongerthanbefore #thankful everything takes time and slow progress is better than none 🤲🏼 #Anxiety #Depresion


Can’t do it anymore

My controlling boyfriend said he’s distance himself from me if I spend time with my friends for one night when I see him the rest of the week. He says things that make me feel guilty when all I say ask is, “is it fair on me for you to do that when it’s not even my fault? “ I can’t do it anymore, I can’t pull myself to leave the relationship not can I do anything to make the situation better, I can’t desert my friends because of him nor can I lose him. Nothing will work out. I give up #unhealthyrelationships #Broken #giveup


How do you control your emotional impulses when you have bpd?I’ve been in a ongoing triggered episode for about 3 weeks now, I can’t pull myself out #MixedEpisodes #BPD #Anxiety #Advice

It’s impossible for me to pull myself free because my environment is surrounded with drugs everywhere I go and i allowed myself to take away my 8 month sobriety because I had uncontrollable urges . I have not had a time frame of which I was so emotionally unstable/impulsive since my last relapse about nearly 3 years ago when I lost my grandmother . I have reasons to believe the relationship I just exited triggered something inside of me that I now don’t know how to calm and I need some type of advice. #Addiction #Relapse #unhealthyrelationships #Reoccuringemptiness #Nomotivation #advicewanted


Saying Goodbye To Toxic

Toxicity is one adjective of life that should not have place in yours; my life has most recently taken on a resemblance of a free bird; let go of from the toxic environment that is most painfully, family. My mom & I against this world together; us two shall not fail in the pursuit of lifetime happiness. #unhealthyrelationships #familyisnotalwayseverything #momanddaughterbondforever