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After Session Anxiety #ExposureTherapy

Just started giving details of the situations I fear, didn't even visualize it yet and have anxiety. Is it normal to feel anxious after a therapy session? What can I do to lessen this anxiety? I'm new to this type of therapy where I have to gradually confront my fears. Anyone that has been through it, what did it do for you?

#Anxiety #PTSD #ExposureTherapy #Abuse

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Starting Exposure Therapy

I could possibly be starting exposure therapy tomorrow. My therapist told me what to expect but I’m a little apprehensive. If you have done or are doing exposure therapy, how did you prepare? How did you feel afterwards?
#ExposureTherapy #PTSD #Trauma #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe

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Exposure Therapy #ExposureTherapy #Anxiety #EatingDisorders

Exposure therapy has taught me how much of my life has been distractions from sadness and anything that reminds me of trauma. From my eating disorder all the way down to my coffee every morning...

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Mincing Garlic #SuicidalThoughts #survivingsuicide

I’ve come a long way, from wheelchair, to walker, to cane which I only seem to need in busy or stimulating environments. I’m recovering suicidal psychosis #SuicidalOCD and #NeurologicalDisorder caused by never-treated  #LymeDisease  

Nine months before I lost control of my body, 10 months before it became difficult to speak, and 15 months before a doctor finally figured out this diagnosis—the first symptom was a horrific psychosis.

For 22 months I’d see non-stop pictures and movies of me ending my life. This was different from suicidal ideation I'd experience as a child and throughout most of my adult life, suicidal thoughts I was able to stop with years of counseling and   #EyeMovementDesensitizationAndReprocessing  

The only thing—after 22 months—that changed my psychosis from constant, to rhythmic, to often, to periodical, to occasionally, was  #ElectroconvulsiveTherapy . Since my ECT, I’ve gone from seeing the images non-stop, to 100 times a day, to 50, to 20, to 10, to 5, to where I’ve been for 3 months which is 0-to-5 times a day.

Recently, cooking has become a #Healing   hobby, as it continues to be excellent occupational therapy for restrengthing my brain, and fantastic  #ExposureTherapy  

At first I could only use a knife while my husband was watching. With exposure therapy, I've been trying to teach my brain, and teach me, that I won't hurt myself with the knife, just because I’m seeing it, and certainly not because I’m holding it. This is how I got the pictures down to 5 times a day, then down to 0-to-5 times a day.

I'm cooking so much now, using a knife by myself, that my elbow hurts, especially from mincing garlic. I've come such a long way. #recovering


#Agoraphobia #ExposureTherapy

I did it. I went outside!!! I went to the park and I walked on the grass in barefeet. I also did some whistling and some birds whistled back.

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#Agoraphobia #ExposureTherapy

I want to go for a walk to the park but I'm scared.

I want to do some grounding and walk on the grass with bare feet.

I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it.