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"I've never heard anyone describe it that way before"

I'll take that as a win.
I've been meeting with a health coach.
After an in depth conversation and exercise we worked on, one session later, what do I remember? None of the words, just pictures and the feeling.
"Be softer. With myself and with my energy," I say. "The jagged times'll creep in, how can I smooth my experience."
"I've never heard anyone describe it that way before," she said. "So you're a visual
I was so nervous I couldn't remember the words as has happened so many times these last few years. They worked.
Celebrating the words I could find, actually practicing them, and being acknowledged for it - I'll take that as a big win.
#Win #Fibromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicPain

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Today I had a difficult conversation and trusted myself. Proud of me for sticking up for myself and staying true to my value. Made me feel in alignment with myself and that I had value and confidence. So proud of myself! Wanted to celebrate this win with you. Things do work out in the end #happy #Win #celebrate #Confidence


Finding #Joy

#Depression has taken away the joys I used to feel from many things.

I used to enjoy reading and now I find reading tedious and most of the stories I have read the plot is predictable with very few surprises.

In the past I found joy in my hobbies, rc cars and drones as well as electronics experimentation. Photography and computers. Today I cannot be bothered.

I used to enjoy catching up with family on Facebook but that social media became a politically polluted hate festival so I closed up my account.

I used to enjoy riding a bike and today I just cannot manage the energy to go for a ride.

Today I look forward to wins. A #Win in my book is just completing an everyday task. Brushing my teeth, showering, shaving are all wins. These tasks do not bring me joy but they are something to show that I am still functioning in this world.

How can I find joy again? I want to feel better but I do not see a positive future.

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Unknown feelings #newfeelings #CPTSD #Breakthrough #Win #Depression #Anxiety #Insomnia #Acceptance #betterversionofmyself

For four days I haven’t been able to identify my feelings, today I realised I’ve had four stable days! I’ve had 5/6hrs sleep a night, I’ve laughed, sang, walked a few miles, had a sense of humour and felt happy. I never thought I would ever feel like this again, even if it’s temporary I’m taking these days and enjoying them. I know we are told ‘better days will come’ I never thought I would. Stay strong everyone, go at your own pace and be comfortable in yourself

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A win after my panics

I still don't quite know how to navigate or where to post my thoughts sometimes but here I am so here goes.

I was diagnosed type 2 only to have been misdiagnosed to type 1 or I think I'm insulin resistant. Cue the panic attacks I have. I've been getting better with them but it's still a struggle. Panic attacks make me physically sick. Throw in the fact that my body isn't telling me things like when I'm full until I've over eaten. When I feel I have over eaten I feel nausea, then I feel panic as I feel I'm going to vomit (I've had precious issues with not being able to stop vomiting and its sent me to the hospital, I'm two months free though) so I worry I'm going to go to the hospital then I panic. Where am I going with this? Well normally when I feel this way, especially if I do get sick, I need to medicate myself. Today was a different day but a win. I realized the signs, I took a walk with a coworker, it helped a bit but didn't get through it completely, I don't know how I pulled myself out of it but I did. I didn't get sick and I didn't have to medicate myself. I call this a win. Will things be different next time? Probably. I think I need to portion my meals better to get a handle on this. I'm open to suggestions on how I can get myself through this. Thank you for listening.

#MentalHealth #Anxiety #PanicAttack #Win #AnxietyMedication #Medication #Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #EatingIssues


#Selfcare #Win #itsoktonotbeokay

Sat reading things on sites and just come to the conclusion that when I see a list of self-care ideas for when someone is feeling depressed it pisses me off as it has things like, Do your hair,Take a bubble bath! Paint your nails! Clearly these people don’t struggle with depression. There is a difference between selfcare and pampering. Most people who struggle with depression, or any mental illness for that matter, struggle with actually taking care of themselves. Here’s a list of realistic self-care tips for anyone who might be having a tough day and needs something to do to take care of themselves.

•Get out of bed.

•Brush your teeth.

•Wash your face.

•Shower, even if you just get in and rinse off! •Eat something.

•Even if it’s just a cracker or some bread. Just get something in your belly!

•Walk out outside. Stand there for 10 seconds and then if you want, go back inside. Great job, you made it outside! If you feel like it, take a short walk. Get some sunshine!

•Put on your favorite TV show or movie.

•Check your email and clear your inbox.
Respond to anything that is important.

•Change your sheets.

•Check your actual mail.

•Stay hydrated. Fill up a water bottle and keep it close by.

•Take your medication.

•Stretch. This can be a small quick stretch on the couch or some yoga.

•Check your text messages and answer those from people who are important or worried about you.

•Pay any bills you might have to avoid late fees.

•Change your clothes if you didn’t when you first got out of bed.

•If you have a pet, make sure they have food and water.

•Do a creative hobby that you like.

•Open up the blinds to let the light come into your house.

•Watch a funny video.

Just a small tip for anyone who’s feeling depressed or not great atm something as little as getting out of bed is a win! #Selfcare #MentalHealthAwareness

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Earned a few more certifications today and the awards will continue to grow 🏆🤘👑📈. #Success #Win #growth


self care

Today, I showered! AFter I filed some rough spots on my feet, and lathered them with peppermint lotion. It's kinda nice to know I'm not on a timeline, so I can take extra time to moisturize and add stuff to my hair. I can also let it dry completely naturally! I'm calling that a #Win #babysteps #selfcare

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