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#Abuse #Survivor and the #Withdrawl After Sharing Your #story

True to my nature, I share candidly about my childhood and ongoing abuse. Being honest is not hard for me. However, remaining in contact with people is my weakness.

As an example, I shared raw information about the abuse of my childhood, which has repercussions of ongoing control from the same abuser well into my adult life. This obnoxious toxic behavior is confronted whenever we engage in conversation. I “brush” it off, when I encounter it. However, the wounds of the past are evidently not healed because puss and decay fill the emotional scares that remain. How can they heal if the same manipulative controlling tendencies are continuously bruising the soul?

Any thoughts on withdrawal when vulnerability is expressed, #TheMighty folks?

Healing is occurring. But the social refrain from being vulnerable embarrassingly keeps me at a distance as if the childhood secret of esteeming the physical abuser, publicly, must remain behind closed doors to keep their reputation intact. I was the “clumsy one” when the scars were evident at school, church, or at the market. The abusive parent was honored for having to raise such a “clumsy” child. #ChildhoodAbuse #Reality

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Going through opioid withdrawals. My new pain doctor doesn't treat fibromyalgia with narcotics. So here I am going through horrible withdrawals that are stressing my heart (i have CHF)on top of taking care of my kids, on top of grieving for my husband that passed away suddenly. My brain is telling me to give up over and over. I'm telling myself it's just the withdrawals . #Withdrawl #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Widow


#Addiction ?

I know caffeine addiction is nowhere close to when I was drinking and smoking weed but It's still causing problems. I actually got really sick last week due to overdoing it with caffeine. I almost went to the ER. And with alcohol none of the people I hang out with on a regular basis drinks alcohol. But almost everyone drinks caffeine so I'm struggling with this. I doubt anyone will read this.
#caffeinedependace #Withdrawl #help

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Homesickness cure? Family.

I currently live 974 miles away from where all my extended family lives. I’ve been away for 6 years. This year has been full of traumatic health stuff and I’ve missed home.

So when my cardiologist took me off all my mental health meds (cold turkey, for my heart), I had a breakdown in the car a week later. Ugly crying as I sobbed to my mom (who moved here with me) that I missed family and wanted to move back home ASAP. The homesickness was strong, I suddenly felt so out of place and desperate for everything that home meant.

I reached out to family I hadn’t spoken to in a while that I used to be close to and as we got back into that closeness I realized “omg super no thank you!” The drama, the nerve, the ignorance, the drama some more and the stress… pretty sure if I roll my eyes one more time this month they’ll get stuck facing the back of my head.

I love my family with all my heart but it’s just so much easier to appreciate them from afar. Homesickness cured. I’m blaming it on the med withdrawals, meds I could’ve really used the last few weeks reconnecting lol.

#Family #Depression #Withdrawl #thatwasclose


Anyone else really struggling with withdrawal from antidepressants? #withdrawal #withdrawals #struggling #scared #failure

I’ve been on a combination of three tablets, antidepressants, mood stabilisers, and anti psychotic. I’m off the anti psychotic tablets and currently going through withdrawals from my antidepressants, I tampered off as you are supposed to. But it is so much harder than I thought it would be. I feel exactly like I did in the weeks before my breakdown. The fear I’m feeling that the last four years have been for nothing is overwhelming. I’m so scared I’m slipping backwards. Does anyone have any advice??

#Withdrawl #Antidepressants #Medication