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Do we ever do #zoom events? I can talk faster than I can type. I can't promise everybody will understand me, but most people I know can. A #zoom event might also make us feel closer together, and right now I think that's something we all might need.


Some people talk to much in Zoom meetings. #zoom #TheMighty #MentalHealth

I like my craft N chat group. It's very fun. Just chilling. Today i talked more then i usually do. Which is good. Its just sometimes some talk to much taking over the conversation or just just not letting others talk. So that happened today. Then was told not to talk about eating/food issues. Or really #COVID19 talk. Then i noticed the person didn't chat at all for a long time. Just in the chat box.hmm anyways Have ya noticed that?

I feel so tired today. #Depression

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E is for Electronic Communication:


Any and all aspects of mental and physical health.

Social media and the digital communication age can negatively impact on our mental health, but often these methods of communication can be vitally important to us too.

Nothing beats a face to face chat. However, this may not always be practical or possible - as we well know with recent and ongoing events. Now we have entered the age of Zoom, Microsoft teams, Facetime and so on, we must acknowledge that these applications are a vital lifeline to so many of us.

The internet and all the new platforms that continue to be developed often get a bad reputation and while this is completely valid (inexcusable events do occur far too frequently), we can take ownership for the content we choose to see and be part of. There are lots of good and positive ways to communicate electronically that would definitely have not been possible without the digital age we live in today. Feeling closer to others, doing training, having shared experiences and even socialising with someone without physically being close to them is now more possible than ever.

Now is the time to use social media and electronic communication for good - keeping in touch with friends and family, making new connections online with groups and forums specific to things that interest us or to bond with others that are experiencing similar life events/issues and even counselling/medical appointments are now all available without leaving your home (and even your bed).

This makes socialising and receiving treatment (and some types of employment too) much more accessible for so many people and that can only be a good thing.

#social #SocialMedia #Connection #electronic #Communication #Facebook #zoom #Tiktok #whatsapp #insta #Instagram #SCUFF #ScarCoverUpFreedomFund #MH #mha

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I love this! Even though remote /virtual learning has sucked the life out of me. #Parenting #COVID19

I didn’t become a day drinker {yet}!
#zoom #VirtualLearning #onlinehell

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Snow Crystal Landscape #snow #ice #crystal #zoom out #stuck #move

I took this pic ages ago of the frost on my car roof. I guess it looks eldritch and otherly but it also reminds me that the closer one looks at something the more complicated that something seems. At times, if one's feelings, thoughts and perceptions are causing troubles, is it sometimes better to zoom out and go with bigger more tangible issues? I have to zoom out often just get things done 🙂 .

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#Powerful App ❣️❣️

So I’ve basically gone off the radar, and my phone these days is used for #homework , #zoom ; I don’t mind. I decided to.🤓

I’d read #TheMighty articles on Pinterest and my mail, the app was gathering dust, really.

And then #COVID19 hit, and hear I am. I listen to the Bible while cooking breakfast when no one is awake, then put on some inspiring music (these days it’s “For King and Country”, because it lifts my spirit.
The good thing is I discovered The Mighty App, (the one gathering dust on my cel) and I can post a thought, vent, cry, have an #Anxiety attack, and even laugh at myself with #DistractMe . Everyone is helpful and kind. I can appreciate that a lot, because we are all fighting a battle not necessarily obvious for the open eye to see. #Fibromyalgia
Thank you guys! 🤗 oops! #SocialDistancing 😷

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Zoom Insecurities

Does anyone else feel insecure without makeup on zoom meetings? My screen is so close up that I never feel like I look my best. I try to avoid negative self talk, but it’s hard. #zoom #workingfromhome #Anxiety #mentalillness #MentalHealth #negativeselftalk #positiveselftalk