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I have had 1 successful pregnancy. And 4 miscarriages after that. It sucks. I just want another baby. But it’s just not meant to be is why it feels like. #Miscarriage #1in4


No Meds...

So, my first #52SmallThings was to sort out my prescription as I was running out of my antidepressants. Today, I went to collect my prescription and was told it had been sent electronically, without my permission... Basically, got no meds now, but hopefully they will be delivered to me tomorrow. #hereshoping #4dayswithoutmeds #1in4


#alive &Livingw/bipolar II

Thank everyone for your experience
I've been in and episode for the last several days and had shared with my sister what's going on...then I received yesterdays post,.like magic there it was..#weareNeveralone #Understanding & being understood#alive & living W/bipolar II#imnotinvisable #StopTheStigma #1in4



A miss-judged straw
Give all:
Give up:
Give in; not enough oil to shed this downpour
Out damn thoughts; out
Don't run; can't run
To sleep, but not to dream
Shut out
Can't shut off
Shattered dreams
Scattered thoughts

Not yet comfortably numb


#Anxiety #ClinicalDepression #darkthoughts #depressed #Depression #depressive #MentalHealth #mystoryisntover #overthinking #PTSD #semicolonproject #sicknotweak #Stigma #stigmafighter #StopTheStigma #suicidal #SuicidePrevention #Survivor #1in4


The human race

We are a society,
And in this society, we should no longer be,
bound by 9-5 days,
Or those out dated ways,
In which we are not treated equal,
And women are fearful,
Because we can’t speak up.
-Despite being grown up.

We are a society,
That tells our humanity not to feel or discuss sanity,
We are told not to cry,
Or show fear or ask why,
‘Why can’t a man show his emotions’
Because it seems to be the notion,
That in showing your emotions,
That you become broken.
-But you are not broken.

We are a society,
That is ashamed to admit, and mental health talk we shall not permit,
We show dissatisfaction,
At our mental friction,
For allowing our selves to feel,
But there is no shame,
Those emotions are real.
-they are real.

We are a society,
That turns a blind eye, and doesn’t ask why,
Those who need help the most,
Whom we should help gate post,
Who are looking for a service,
often are lost, and incredibly nervous,
Through society’s disservice.
- we ignored them.

We are a society,
That is scared of the truth which is nipping at our heels,
That every single person in this universe feels,
And sometimes those feelings,
Become too much to bare,
And sometimes those feelings,
lead man to despair.
- and who’s there to care?

We are a society,
That runs when mental health is discussed,
We live in an atmosphere of unhealthy distrust,
Because if you can’t discuss those feelings with your co-workers and friends,
And those emotions become too strong to contend,
Where does that leave you standing?
-Where do you turn?

In a society of people too scared to discuss,
the subject of and its expansive darkness,
If the people you trust,
Are unable to learn,
That is okay to talk,
Then when do you turn?
-Because society taught them to run.

We are a society,
But that doesn’t mean that we have to believe,
That is a taboo, a subject of which we don’t speak,
The way that you feel does not mean that you’re weak.
And you are not broken,
For speaking the truth
- it’s okay.

And we are not frightened to show what is real,
As a society we should be enlightened as to what people feel,
That those battling their emotions,
Are the strongest of all,
Whilst they sail the oceans,
and make way for landfall,
We should offer our arm, ready for an embrace,
Because we are all participants in society’s human race.
#MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #Society #1in4 #MightyPoets