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How do you explain sensory overload and meltdowns to others?

There are times where I have a hard time explaining what I go through when I’m feeling overstimulated and having a meltdown to others. Sometimes I’ll give the example of “You know the scene from Spongebob Squarepants where Mr. Krabs is overwhelmed and everything is spinning?” or I’ll say “Everything all at once.” If I think they’re not going to “get it,” I simply say, “It’s complicated.” When it comes to my meltdowns, I feel as though I’m unable to find my voice…as if something has snatched it away from me. I feel all my senses going haywire and withdraw into myself.

How do you describe your sensory overload and meltdowns to others? I’d love to know.

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Autistic Adults: Our Diverse Gender Identities #actuallyautisticadult #AutisticAdults #Fibromyaliga #PrideMonth #disabilityacceptance

Enzi Tanner is a recently Diagnosed Autistic Adult who is very intersectional. In additon to being Autistic, Enzi is black, queer and Jewish. Enzi’s story is powerful and inspiring because he is a licensed social worker and community organizer, and advocate. Enzi also lives with fibromyalgia. Listen to his great story today. Tap or click to listen to Autistic Adults: Our Diverse Gender Identities.

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Autistic Adults and Living Independently. #actuallyautisticadult #AutisticAdults

Tap or click to listen to the newest installment of Today’s Autistic Moment. Autistic Adults and Living Independently. My guest is Dan (DJ) Carmichael and Autistic Adult and the co-owner of GT Independence. Hope you click or tap on the link and enjoy.


#MentalHealth , #actuallyautisticadult

I feel like my life is a brink of disaster . I have exam for which schedule is unknown . I am emotionally numb. I am unable to study due to accelerating pandemic in India. I have severe executive dysfunction . I do not know what. I am aimlessly scrolling through social media . My future depends on this exams .please help . It is one of the toughest exam in my https://country.I am autistic

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Podcast About Autistic Adults and Autism Acceptance #Autism #actuallyautisticadult #AutismAcceptance

During this episode of Today’s Autistic Moment, my guest Ellie Wilson, the Executive Director of The Autism Society of Minnesota talks about why it is so important to move from Autism Awareness to Autism Acceptance. Tap or click on the lonk to listen to this excellent conversation.


It is time to pay the piper #Autism #Burnout #exhaustion

I have overspent myself, and much as it pains me to admit it, that means there are other things I cannot do. I must sleep. I must read. I must jump down the laziest rabbit hole in existence and hide out there until I am well and proper and feel rested and able to face life once more. The truth of disability is… that when you use more spoons than you have, then… it’ll come back and bite you in your tired sorry ass until you’ve paid the price. And you’ll probably feel terrible doing it, at least I do. Guilt and shame are my unfortunate partners, rather than the beauty of what is. Life is. In my country summer is. I am just massively tired.
#actuallyautisticadult #actuallyautistic #Autism #tired

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Living Mental Health #Selfcare #Peersupport

this is a picture of my friends and I. we all have mental health issues. we are all different ages of women with different backgrounds supporting each other!!! it's TRUE empowerment and acceptance. we met for one of our and my birthday we dressed up to our comfort levels. we had different friends at different points in the day plans and level of social and financial ability. let's face it having mental health issues can limit one financially. I love my tribe!! #besties #actuallyautistic #actuallyautisticadult #endstigma #beyou