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What do you like about the autumn season? If there's something not listed put it in the comments.

5% ●
Carving Pumpkins
21% ●
Taking a walk or drive to see the changing colors on trees
20% ●
Warm Soups/Stews
12% ●
Warm beverages like pumpkin spice or apple cider
20% ●
Fall/Halloween Decorations
8% ●
Roast Marshmallows
10% ●
Watch spooky movies
4% ●
All of the above
239 votes
239 votes43 reactions13 comments
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Things could have turned out completely differently and this makes me so dizzy.

So many stuff my mind's showing me at the moment.

I am here by chance.

I did nothing to come here; just went with the flow; I built nothing to come where I am now.

If it wasn't for all the people I would have been still eleven.

I feel like my youth years just went without me really living them. Now I should be an adult, but I haven't lived what was supposed to come before (or - I lived it while being tossed around).

There's so many stuff I can't do now.

I just wish I had more friends and more stability.

I really wish I had the time between one people and the other to take a break and find my balance and myself within all the confusion.

I am consistenceless; I'm based on void.

[makes me a bit scared]

Wondering what I'm doing next. Let's see.


#Photography #landscape #Autumn #Memories #past #Present #future #Life

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It Came and Went

We went from having #Summer temperatures to having #Autumn weather. I have been enjoying it. I know that the hurricane bringing in the cooler weather will not last forever, and eventually it may go back into the 80s, but hopefully we can hang on a little longer.

Living in #Florida is interesting. We live in Central Florida where there are theme parks and lots of places to visit. It is a great vacation location in the world. My husband works in the theme parks, as do many others in my family. Mostly Universal. I used to work there too. I sometimes miss it.

I just want to embrace the holiday season as much as I can, without my focus being on #presents this year. The #Holiday season is always amazing. The special #seasonal drinks are always so good too.. the ones from Dunkin and Starbucks. It's exciting.

Ugh. I am all over the place right now. But this is what's running through my mind.

Much Love!

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Chihuahua enjoying autumn 🍂

Nuca wants to say good autumn 🍂 greetings from here Finland 🇫🇮 to everyone! 🫶 #chihuahua #Autumn

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Herman Ziggy Stardust Wittenberg

Herman is definitely ready for Fall, but not sure what to think of the scarecrow.
#MightyPets #Cat #Autumn #tuxedocat

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Autumn Beauty

My dad and I went for our monthly hike today at a local park we'd never visited before. It was beautiful, and I thought I'd share one of the views that brightened my day. #Photography #Autumn #encouragement #Joy

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My son had Senior pictures this past Saturday at a local park. This picture doesn’t do the tree justice! It was so bright, it, looked like it was made of gold. It was absolutely beautiful. It’s the little things. #EnjoyTheLittleThings #Beauty #Autumn #Spendingtimewithfamily #HighScholSenior2021 #Makethebestofwhatlifegivesyou