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    #ChildhoodSexualAbuseByMothers #Betrayaltrauma

    I am looking for others that have been sexually abused by women specifically mothers. I know I’m not the only one but this kind of sexual abuse & betrayal trauma is often not spoken about. I could really use additional support from others who may understand how much of a mindf$ck abuse like this by moms is.



    We were so close, he used to be too sweet like very sweet and all of a sudden he ignored me like I dont even exist, and he is there enjoying with his friends, I can see him laughing a lot while I am here trying to figure out what went wrong. And here I am, trying to not give up on myself and I am trying to come back in life with that old spirit of mine. I dont know, if he knows because of him I am having nightmares, my eyes are dry because of the loss of tears and panic attacks has been my partner since everything happened.

    #Betrayaltrauma #brokenheart #Stranger

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    It amazes me..

    It amazes me how people who knowingly bash each other can “love” and “support” one another but hate the people with genuine love.

    It amazes me how people will “ride or die” for those who will not even take two seconds to “park” for them.

    I’ve witnessed these incidents twice this weekend. It just mind boggles me.

    I always advise everyone to remove themselves from toxic people but I keep falling into that childhood, generational, indoctrinated “let it go” bullshit continuously.

    Old habits and characteristics die hard especially when engrained into your existence but today is another new beginning!

    I refuse to let people verbally demean or insult me.

    I refuse to be the “bigger person”’.

    I will always possess good but now I will also refuse to accept less than what I exude into this world. I have to speak up for myself!

    I am mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted!

    I’m empty!

    #CheckInWithMe #DistractMe #HighlysensitivePerson #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #ChangeDirection #Loveyourselffirst #loveyourselfenough #Betrayaltrauma #EmotionallyExhausted #MightyTogether