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We were so close, he used to be too sweet like very sweet and all of a sudden he ignored me like I dont even exist, and he is there enjoying with his friends, I can see him laughing a lot while I am here trying to figure out what went wrong. And here I am, trying to not give up on myself and I am trying to come back in life with that old spirit of mine. I dont know, if he knows because of him I am having nightmares, my eyes are dry because of the loss of tears and panic attacks has been my partner since everything happened.

#Betrayaltrauma #brokenheart #Stranger

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Pay it forward... With a smile..or more💙... Share/ leave 💙

Hope you spread kindness and love...if you got a pay it forward story... Please share. Or tag someone on here with Hello and a 💙💙💙💙
Blue heart... Chat with a could just save a life .... Cuz we just don't know what someone has going in behind the scenes..... 💙🙏

#CheckInWithMe #Depression #PTSD #Anxiety #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Migraine #BipolarDepression #Suicide #PanicDisorder #Parenting #COVID19 #Hello #Stranger #PayItForward

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Changing for the worse.

Watching someone go from someone you knew and loved to a stranger is difficult. Wether that person changes due to an addiction or simply because of a breakup. It’s hard to look at someone you had so many memories with and not know who they are anymore.

Whenever you think of changing you always think of changing for the better. You’re childish and naive? You change for the better. You’re a jealous person? You change for the better. But you never think of the times where someone wakes up one day as a different version of themselves. Was it the company? Was it a decision? Did the alcohol and drugs change them?

What is terrifying is waking up one day lying next to someone who has changed their whole perspective of you, someone who once loved you now doesn’t even want to see you. Walking past them in the street like they’re strangers and even if you decide to talk to them they don’t talk the same as they used to- they’re not the same person you knew and loved either as a friend, a partner or a family member watching them distance there self further and further away and it kills you.

Each day you wish that the old them would come back and things could go back to the way they were but in reality they’re no longer called their name they’re called a stranger. You look at them like you look at someone who is passing by- blank expressions on both faces and a shattered heart in your throat.

Why did you change? You ask. They don’t reply because they don’t know you anymore, they wish they never did.

#change #Stranger #sad


Just hold on ... a little longer

I am sitting in a burger restaurant in fact my favorite burger restaurant. My face must be matching what I am feeling inside, despoliations. The chef came out to asked if everything is ok. I said everything was delicious and I smiled. His food is possibly the only thing the keeps me alive for the next two hours. It was a difficult week at work and I am not sure how things would turn out. I am scared of being fired all the time. I am tired and exhausted. So I am back in this loop googling reasons to live, looking for pep-talk videos. #OnedayAtaTime #Kindness #Stranger