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Compliment 🏥💒

So let us encourage friendship every day and not just on friendship day. Hope this article will be helpful. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite compliment. #linePersonalityDisorder #onalityDisorder #ptsd #Bipola

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I am on prozac because of my depression but now my therapist tells me I might be bipolar and I need to change meds.
Prozac makes me my body shake, it used to help but not anymore and I am scared of trying new meds.
Out of curiosity is their anything that could just make me numb? Because I miss that feeling. Being numb made me better in a sense. Feeling too much just makes me overwhelmed and that makes me feel easily get triggered.
#prozac #numb #Depression #Bipola

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Coping mechanisms for the bipolar afflicted #BipolarDepression #onalityDisorder #ptsd #Bipola #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarObsessiveness

So.......I’m really quite new on here. And I have to say, so far, the journey has been informative. Of course there are new people here every day.

I am hoping that some of you might write down coping strategies that you employ, in certain situations. Of course I am personally interested to see if there is anything I can learn, but if newbies come across this post, what would you want to impart to them........


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How do you cope with mood swings. ##Bipolar #mood swings #Mania #Depression

I knew something was wrong. The past 3 weeks my mood swings have been swinging real wide. Crying 2,3 days a week to cleaning like a mad woman, talking fast, buying books and teacher supplies off Amazon. I was only diagnosed Bipolar 2 years ago I am 50 years old. I have never experienced mood swings like this. I'm not aware that I get loud, speak my mind, am very confertational. This time I realize what I'm doing and how I sound but I cant control it.

Had a video call with my doctor on Monday. She told me that I was on the verge of Mania what in the HELL is that? I am really scared. She increased one of my meds. I might me a little better but I'm still doing the same thing. I cant watch the news at all that is a trigger. PLEASE HELP!! ##Bipolar #Bipolar disorder diagnosis #Bipola #Bipolar #Bipola #bipolarmania #BipolarDepression


which of my feelings are real ? #

which of my feelings are me? and which are emotionally unstable personality disorder?
I ask my self this a lot
which of the me,s is me?
The wild impulsive chaotic energetic one,
Not to mention the crazy one?
Or shy withdrawn despetate
doomed and tired one? either way I dont feel normal I never have not that I know what normal is, sometimes just sometimes I want to feel like a normal person either way I'm stuck with this shit now, eupd # anxiety disorder # depression #Manic depression # social anxiety # ptsd #Bipola



Don’t know why I feel so low
That’s a lie I know this blow
This blow is mine that I’ve created
This blow is mine why lie faceted

In my depth of despair I cry
Whilst in myself I’m on a high
Push away the ones I love
For an emptiness that lies above

Anger, pain, fear I hate
Anger, pain, fear I create
Tell me why, it’s absurd I know
To walk away instead of love to show

The human nature is to love and care
But the dark side says embrace the despair
Embrace the need to stay alive
But deep down it’s hard to thrive

I’m sorry I hurt you and destroyed your heart
But believe me when I say we need to be apart
I hate what I’ve done and what you’ve become
A loving person who is now so numb

I had it all an abundance of ours and us
But instead of loving you all I gave was fuss
To watch you walk away with our life
Knowing all I’ve cause is strife

You deserve so much more than I could give
Because your love is one that should live
I’ll never not hurt for what I’ve said
I’ll always think of you whilst alone in bed

In my mind you’ll always be mine
Because we planned a life so fine
But to love you I must leave you
Because to keep you I’ll hurt you

And that is what I fear the most.
#MightyPoets #Depression #Bipola #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Y  #BPD #Splitting #Relationships