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#embracethemiddle #OnedayAtaTime #mindlefulness

I recently read an Essay re: Embracing The Middle. It says many of us strain for a continual natural high in life. At the same time we might be trying to crawl out of those low feelings, fears. Embrace the middle. Embrace what is happening right here, right now.
My dog and I are together 24/7. She’s very loving. I’ve started casually talking to her more; brief phrases, comments on the day, doggie happy blah.😆 Staying in tune with her is one way I Embrace The Middle. Meditation, in any healthful way shape or form also helps. I’m sure many pet lovers and others can relate!
What are your thoughts/advice on trying to #liveinthemoment ?


On furbabies #

It's been a year since I had to leave my dogs with their other mom in Australia and move back to Canada. After months of debilitating depression and anxiety, on Saturday, on a whim whilst visiting a Petsmart on National Adoption Weekend, I fell in love with 2 cats. I have named them Oscar and Abby. Last night as we were all lying in bed I was in the midst of a full blown internal anxiety attack. I had just quit my job the day before getting my kitties and was stressing out. I expressed this to my girlfriend and she said just be here in this moment with us. LOOK at the 2 new beautiful little ones that we get to love. And I did look. And my feeling of anxiety turned to one of pure joy. I haven't felt that intensity of joy in so long I thought maybe I never would again. I had forgotten how important animals are to my mental health. Sometimes loving myself and taking care of myself is hard. But loving an animal is easy for me. They teach me to live in the moment because that's all you can do.
#MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Supportanimals #liveinthemoment #Love