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It's not a good time to be sick #checkup

I am diagnosed as Hashimoto's 5 years ago,has goiter (checked inside,it was benign).I was told go to follow up every 3 moths,But having depression,I couldn't go check up Thyroid specialist hospital I went.Instead,I was getting Thyroid hormone level check at GP,which is normal level(Here in Japan,even TSH is high,we will not be prescribed thyroid hormone)anyway.I found my right side lymph node is a bit swollen with pain..I'm going to GP first,but Thyroid specialist hospital is in Harajuku in you know.very crowded with young people. I thought here in Japan we are getting lower infection,but numbers are getting higher and higher...(I know it's lower compared with other countries,but this is first for everyone)I'm really worried.To go or not to go.I will have panic attack in Train.

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Check In

One thing I’ve learned in the past few years is that it’s important to have people in your life who are there for you.⁣

Family is great. Nothing can replace them, and they’re definitely always there when you need them... and even more so when you think you don’t need them.⁣

God is number one on the list of people(?) who are there for you. He’s always there. Even when you think you can’t see or hear Him, He’s there quietly working and waiting for you to give everything over to Him.⁣

But God also created us to need friends. To need someone to share our lives, experiences, ups, and downs with. Someone who will simply check in on us. It doesn’t always have to be a best or close friend, sometimes it’s just someone willing to take the leap and say, “hey! I hope you’re doing well. How was your week?”⁣

So this is me being that person. This is your end of the week/beginning of a new week check in.⁣

How was your week?⁣

What’ve you got planned for this week?⁣

Let me know below, and I hope you’re doing well!⁣

#liveremarcably #myremarcs

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