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Solar Eclipse from the East Coast

People usually associate an event like this with the world ending but it’s so amazing. Think of this more as a new start. #SolarEclipse #today #Sky #beautiful #Happiness #Fun #newday #Newstart #posts

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A Path to a Better Self?

Please close your eyes and picture this.
It is a cool November day and you are waiting for a call that can give you the hope you so desperately need right now. A call you have waited for previously that has contributed to years of traumatic roller coaster emotions and constant butterflies fluttering in your stomach and mind.
The person on the line can give you the time and the peace of mind to make life changing decisions for yourself and your family.
The phone rings and as you answer you are trying to think positively, staying optimistic but at the same time you feel dread, hopelessness and fear. You are already exhausted when you say hello.
The voice you are expecting speaks and tells you that they are recording the conversation for quality and training purposes. You agree and wait for the words that can change your current way of life. Your heart is beating, your mind swirling and tears are at the edge of your eyes waiting for the information.
The answer you have been waiting weeks for is “you have been denied.”
Your heart sinks, you can’t breathe, your throat tightens and tears flush down your face.
How can this be? You are supposed to help, aren’t you?
Why do I have to prove myself again and again?
I want to scream and swear at you. Even though you are just doing your job I hate you, I want you to just understand what I am feeling, the constant pain, the anxiety, the sadness, the desperation and the feeling that I am doing everything wrong everyday.
You don’t care, this saves you money and when you hang up your life has not changed at all.
When I hang up my already exhausting and confusing life has just gotten turned upside down.
How do you prove an invisible illness that effects your everyday life? Your family? Your job?
The word “denied” spoken with ease from those unaffected is forcing you to possibly live a life that you weren’t expecting.
A path that once brought you satisfaction and purpose is now filled with stress and uncomfortable feelings and thoughts. An uncertainty that is no longer in your best interest. Too many factors out of your control, too many lives affected by your long and winding road of healing
Going backward is not an option and as much as you hate that person that left you stuck and feeling lost. The decision has to be made, change your path or redecorate the one you are on.
I obviously do not know what the future holds but I know I am grateful for my family, photography, warm hugs, red pandas and my favourite tea cup.
Just looking for some ᴊᴏʏ & ᴘᴇᴀᴄᴇ on the new path
I am hoping to take.
#Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #Depression #longtermdisability #HealthInsurance #Insurance #denied #Newstart #exhusted #tears #sad #MentalHealth #Emotion #PanicAttacks #hopeless #nocontrol #ChronicPain

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Thinking positive thoughts

Have you ever been in this type of situation where your life is turned up site down?
I have struggled threw out my relationship and friendship trying to figure out whose the right people. I have been friends and also lost them too. Can anyone relate to this
#MentalIllness #Distract #PTSD #Newstart

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One holiday down a few more to go #deckthehalls

Now that the main going at rush has gone what is your next favorite holiday your looking forward too ?
#Anxity #DistractMe


NEW Month, beginning, mindset, focus, new start #newmonth

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending" Maria Robinson #newmonth   #Newstart

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you can do it!!!!

I have gone from being bullied all through school to numerous abusive relationships, a lot of auicide attempts and self harm, being addicted to alcohol and cocaine, admitted to a psychiatric ward and then when I was due to go into supported living I found out I was pregnant and I was all my daughter had so she gave me that tiny bit of hope and I pushed through to save her and give her the best life that I could. yes I struggle like today I’m struggling and I have arthritis and fibromyalgia whilst a full time single mum with zero help and doing a personal training course, but she’s a fit and healthy 18 month old and pushing standard boundaries for her age range and I couldn’t be prouder. I basically just wanted to say that no matter how you think your life is going to be you can always make steps to turn it around. just trying is a HUGE step and I’m here to help if you need me. start strong xx #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis #MentalHealth #Suicide #Selfharm #Newstart #BeStrong #youvegotthis



I worked at the same job for 21 years. Last January I took early retirement (I’m only 42 so I don’t get the actual monetary retirement part) and took the year off. Now I’ve started the anxiety-riddled process of job hunting and I’m terrified I won’t get hired. I have both depression and anxiety on a daily basis but now they’re both super charged. I’m trying to remain hopeful but my brain is an expert at sabotage.

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Check In

One thing I’ve learned in the past few years is that it’s important to have people in your life who are there for you.⁣

Family is great. Nothing can replace them, and they’re definitely always there when you need them... and even more so when you think you don’t need them.⁣

God is number one on the list of people(?) who are there for you. He’s always there. Even when you think you can’t see or hear Him, He’s there quietly working and waiting for you to give everything over to Him.⁣

But God also created us to need friends. To need someone to share our lives, experiences, ups, and downs with. Someone who will simply check in on us. It doesn’t always have to be a best or close friend, sometimes it’s just someone willing to take the leap and say, “hey! I hope you’re doing well. How was your week?”⁣

So this is me being that person. This is your end of the week/beginning of a new week check in.⁣

How was your week?⁣

What’ve you got planned for this week?⁣

Let me know below, and I hope you’re doing well!⁣

#liveremarcably #myremarcs

#whatsup #checkin #checkup #checkonyourfriends #familyisforever #Family #Friends #BestFriends #Newfriends #bffs #god #Godisalwaysthere #NeverAlone #takealeap #leapoffaith #Weekend #newweek #Newstart #sunday #SMA #SpinalMuscularAtrophy #wellness #letstalk #writer #Blog #website #disabilty #RareDisease #MuscularDystrophy

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On a rollercoaster emotional rollercoaster anyway. I’ve finally been offered a council flat and was meant to get the keys last week. It’s now turned into end of this week but the person who was managing the case is on A/L till next Monday. My parents are coming up at the weekend to help me empty my storage unit and move into my flat - but this all depends on getting the keys. Waiting for a phone call back from them tomorrow so I know where I stand. Needless to say my emotions are everywhere and am even more sensitive than usual to comments etc which is making me feel stressed, anxious, angry, depressed, lonely etc...I could go on. BUT I am doing the best I can and I am still talking to people and I have some amazing and supportive people around me. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #Newstart #Newhome #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #Dbtskills