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#Thoughts anyone on unexplained bruising.

#Tuesday I woke up to bruising on my lower right leg .
I have no idea why or how it hapened.
Except Sunday we were out hiking and I started to get pain in left lower calf therefore having to put extra pressure on my right foot to get to picnic table to stretch out my left calf( possible possiblity)??
Last month I was in my car passenger literally coming back from an appt basically sitting whole time for like 3 hrs and got pain in left calf that went away after 10 min.
Tuesday I had issues walking cuz of the bruising and my left calf started to hurt tuesday evening briefly.
Thoughts anyone should I get this looked at
I think I dont want to cuz I hate the eye rolls basically like I'm wasting their time, as I hve no no here and have to go to emerg.


2 weeks!

Well it’s two weeks post-#surgery now and all my stitches are gone and I’m starting to get a little feeling back in my left lip which is good.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’m out of the woods with #infection risk as I started getting a bit of a #fever today so been keeping an eye on it. It reached 37.9 (Celsius) a few times but 37.8 average. Thankfully cooled down a bit now and it’s 37.6 but obviously still not normal so won’t stop taking my temperature yet. If it reaches 38 then I’ll call 111 because I’m off my antibiotics now and the doctors don’t open again until Monday, and it’s the advice the paramedics gave me last time.

A little frustrating and also confusing as I have no other symptoms of an infection and no symptoms of #COVID19 other than that either (I also haven’t been out that much) so not really sure what it is.

I’ve also been getting extreme #lightheadedness again recently but that’s probably to do with some sort of protein I’m missing out on due to my restricted diet (e.g. I haven’t had meat since before the surgery) but there’s not a lot I can do about it. Have collapsed a few times but not lost consciousness so I’m not worried.

Oh! I saw the surgeon again at the start of the week, and he said I’m a week - a week and a half ahead in terms of healing which is awesome ^-^ I get to go back to work on Monday which is also great.


Recovering sucks

Well a massive thing has happened in my life since I last updated: I had my #Surgery (three days ago).

The day after it was originally cancelled, I had a call that gave me a new date and it went ahead! I had to have a #COVID19 test and MRSA test 2 days beforehand which both came back negative which was good.

So I went in on Wednesday and had to stay overnight at the hospital with this cold gel thing on my mouth which has left me with sores.

I got some reactions to the anaesthesia which included #lightheadedness , #Confusion and #shaking which weren’t fun but I got through it and managed to get discharged the next day.

While I was at the hospital, I was on the maximum #Painrelief I could be apparently and they were constantly putting stuff in my cannula (which wasn’t fun because it hurt my hand and made going to the toilet etc difficult as they didn’t initially put it on something I could wheel around).

Speaking of cannulas, I had one in BOTH hands. They had to try twice with the one in my right hand (they got it in the second time) but when I woke up, I had one in my left hand too and they never used the one in the right hand aside from maybe in the surgery (and they refused to remove it until the day after the surgery. Got some lovely bruising now).

Anyways, I’m on a few different #medications now and getting all sorts of #SideEffects such as #heartpalpatations , getting too warm (not a temperature but higher than my normal 36.4~ as reached 37.2), again lightheadedness and shaking and also #nausea which sucks.

Will all be worth it in the long run though, just suffering at the moment and did break down yesterday at being frustrated about not being able to do much and struggling with energy for simple tasks such as eating or even sitting up. Got back up though about half an hour after feeling sorry for myself with the mindset of “I can either sit here feeling sorry for myself, or I can do stuff”.

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Here we go again

#Depression and #Anxiety haven’t been getting better so did another econsult and long story short, they’re putting me back on #Sertraline , which I was on 5 years ago.

On another note, today I found out I can’t do sit-ups and I’m wondering if it’s to do with my #back . I’m trying to get more fit because I’m unhappy with how unfit I am and with the sit-ups I managed to lift myself up until my lower back and then I just couldn’t feel it, not even #Pain .

Also on another note, my #lightheadedness is still ongoing and I’m still walking around like a drunk person at night. #Doctors suggested it was to do with medication change making my #BloodPressure drop.

And on yet again another note, my #Surgery isn’t going ahead on Tuesday. I still didn’t have any indication on Wednesday and I called my normal hospital and they made me call this other hospital who were stubborn af so I called my normal hospital again and they talked to the consultant I normally see there and they broke the news to me.

They’re now saying October but I won’t hold my breath because we’re officially now having our second wave of #COVID19 so I suspect it may be delayed until that’s over with.

Okay on a final note, today (well now yesterday because it’s midnight) marked 3 years since my #Suicide attempt, and 3 years since my pain started. I don’t know how to feel about it.



Just called the #Doctors and the #BloodTests came back normal.

I’m glad that they’re normal, but frustrated that it means the #lightheadedness is something I’m just gonna have to deal with and there’s no answers for it.


Well yes, but actually no

Still a bit of a strange time. My #Heartrate has stabilised and is actually lower than it has been for a few months now.

#Dizziness (well #lightheadedness ) is fluctuating. At the moment it’s pretty bad. I’m walking around my room in the dark like a drunk person which I’ve never had the issue of before.

I also had one of my episodes of #shaking and #weakness yesterday. Last week I ate sugar and it went away (my body was telling me I was hungry even though I had had my normal meals), but this time it only worked for a little bit. Still better than nothing I guess.

#ChronicPain #Flareup fun today so yay


If it’s not one thing, it’s another

I chronically suffer from #lightheadedness / #Dizziness and now that’s been getting worse instead. Used to have Anaemia and Vitamin B12 deficiency so probably another blood test needed.

Telephone appointment with the doctors to discuss my #Depression next week. Loss of appetite started occuring again, which shows how bad it is.

#ChronicPain is almost non-existent which is good.


does anyone have any quick fixes that help when they feel lightheaded and like they’re going to pass out?#Dysautonomia #lightheadedness #Syncope

Do you chug water? eat a lot of salt? lay down? I’m stuck on the couch right now because when I move my heart rate goes all over the place and I feel like I’ll pass out. I have a therapy appointment at 2:00 and am determined to go...any ideas??

also my heart rate was 54, then 143, then 89, then 96 all in a matter of like two minutes lol
#Dysautonomia #Syncope #help!!