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Anxiety & OCD Question

#Anxiety #OCD #compulsions #Obsessions

I'm interested in the connections between my anxiety and OCD and would like to know your perspectives on this.

In short: when you worry, do you find the worry always transitions into you trying to 'solve' the worry? Or do you find that your mind gets "stuck" in / overwhelmed by the 'worry', and doesn't have a chance to move onto trying to 'solve' the 'problem'?

From my own experience, I've noticed that what until recently I've put down to anxiety, has both obsessive and compulsive components.

The obsession= the worry

The compulsion= trying to 'solve' the worry

This leads to a repetitive mental process, where I find myself repeating the same arguments to myself over and over again to try and quell the 'worry'

Is this the experience of every anxiety-sufferer? Give me your thoughts!

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Tics vs. compulsions vs. stimming

Ok… so these three are all muddled up for me. I think I know how to tell the difference between tics and compulsions—although the compulsions are so automatic they feel like tiks. But I was told that if it is preceded by an obsession that it’s a compulsion not a tik.

Now I’m wondering about stimming. I thought this was just an autism thing but now I’m learning it’s other disorders, too. I suppressed the stimming because I thought it was compulsions—which it very well may be compulsions or even tiks for all I know. 😅😅😅

But I heard stimming is okay because it’s just releasing anxiety. But I’m afraid I’m confusing stimming with compulsions and that allowing myself to do it is going to make my OCD worse.

I have nearly reached the point where I Can fully manage the OCD without médication, although I still struggle after high stress events. But I don’t want to accidentally backslide.

Can anyone help to clarify these things and how to identity the difference between them and how to manage them? I also have PTSD if that matters. #tics #Stimming #compulsions #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PTSD


We’re a community that supports each other by sharing our experiences.

I wish I had known what intrusive thoughts actually were growing up

I’ve never been officially diagnosed with OCD but have been told that I have intrusive thoughts and “obsessive-compulsive tendencies.” When I looked up OCD and its symptoms I felt an immense amount of relief. I’ve been struggling with intrusive thoughts and compulsions for years, and it was something I was so ashamed of. It was either to admit I had depression or just general anxiety than to admit some of the disturbing thoughts I had. I thought I was a terrible person and it got to the point where I was suicidal. It was only through learning about OCD that I realized I was not crazy and that my brain was going haywire. And of course therapy and medication helped tremendously.

I wish someone had gold me what OCD or even just intrusive thoughts actually were instead of stereotyping it as someone who’s just a “neat freak.” I really thought the intrusive thoughts i was having was a reflection of me as a person, and that led to a LOT of self hatred. Even now I feel some embarrassment when I think about some of the thoughts I had incessantly. I just hope we can continue to bring awareness to this and other mental illnesses so people don’t think something’s just “wrong” with them like I did. Had I known I was experiencing mental health issues, I would have gotten help sooner. My hope is that no one else, or at least fewer people, have to go through that
#ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #OCD #IntrusiveThoughts #compulsions


Hypersexual & Miserable #Hypersexuality #compulsions

I was sexualized at age 7. Exposed to pornography and molested and pushed into incest.

I don't know how common nor rare my story is. Men in American society aren't considered sexual abuse victims. Males are hypersexual by nature, so what does it matter if I was sexually abused by a sibling?

I don't remember a lot of things in my life from before age 12. Yet I can describe in painfully agonizing detail the first time I ever witnessed my sibling masturbate while watching a pornographic video.

I was 7 and they were 15. My experience with them gets far more graphic, but I'll spare you the details. Sufficed to say, all the way into puberty, I was this sibling's living sex toy.

Then with puberty came excessive sexual activity. I was not popular in school but a certain part of my body got all kinds of positive attention for me. So much so, that I identified myself by my wonderful male organ.

Adult life I went through many sexual partners, male and female. So long as they satisfied me sexually, that's all that mattered.

My first marriage was to a woman who was my sexual match. We married too young, too fast... so we didn't last.

Several sexual relationships ensued and I met my current wife, whom I've been with nearly 15 years. Never once have I cheated on this amazing woman.

At age 41, I'm supposed to be slowing down and having less of a libido right? I'm supposed to be the disinterested one, right?

I love my wife with every fiber of my being & will never stray from her. But mentally, psychologically, my sexual appetite and libido and near-compulsive masturbation .... constant sexual thoughts .... it wears me out. It literally makes me cry.

Can you relate? How do YOU cope? What advice can you offer me?
#Hypersexuality #libido #SexualAbuseSurvivors #SexualAbuse #ChildhoodSexualAbuse #SexualTrauma #Sexuality


Casually Suicidal??

#compulsions about #Suicide ?
I've had long episodes of compulsive and very intrusive thoughts and flashes/images about suicide and self mutilation. Even on my daily high dosage of Antidepressants and any time of the day. It's almost like my brain was overactively searching connections to suicide or self harm from normal, mundane things, repeating the thoughts and ideas I have about it to me over and over. I have a highly creative mind and during these compulsive episodes my brain comes up with new ways to try to meet my own end.
#SuicideOCD #suicidal #Selfinjury #Selfharm #Selfharming


Is this PTSD Hypervigilance or have I developed OCD #PTSD #trauma#compulsions #anxiety

So basically whenever I sense something that is a “threat“, that could be used to hurt someone, directly relatIng to my trauma, I have to do everything that i can to stop this person from dying because i was just barely saved from getting murdered. These “threats“ are usually odd things- peanut butter, germs, anything that could hurt someone that is vulnerable. People have peanut allergies and some people are vulnerable to germs. Whenever this happens, I have to wash my hands to stop from transmitting it, or take other steps such as informing people of this “threat” or checking or washing.



I want to educate more people about a specific form of OCD that I've dealt with for the last 10 years of my life (since I was around fourteen). I would also love for anyone who has experienced this to give it a like or a comment.

Since 8th grade, up until a few months ago (age 23), I've struggled with "homosexual OCD" or "sexual orientation ". For years I had intrusive thoughts and doubts about my sexuality. It was mainly in the form of "what if I'm gay/bisexual?" but eventually shifted into "what if I'm asexual?" There's nothing wrong with being gay or asexual, but for me that wasn't the issue. The issue was that I COULDNT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. The thoughts were so intrusive and constant, with my compulsions of touching, tapping and knocking, as well as searching the internet for reassurance. I was tapping 200x a day at its peak severity when I was 19, and the obsessive thoughts and sexual images would even enter my dreams. I could never escape, that was, until I did exposure therapy (ERP). Exposure therapy (and medication for a few years) saved my life. It's hard to describe this type of to those who've never had it. It's essentially constant doubting and questioning. That's how I'd describe it.

#ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #hocd #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Anxiety #IntrusiveThoughts #compulsions #mightyvoices